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    Fight Song

    The Fight Song, "Go U Northwestern!

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    Originally written by Northwestern University marching band member Theodore Van Etten. The fight song premiered in the final football game of the 1912 season, and it is still a major part of every Northwestern sport event.

    Wildcat Growl

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    Go! U Northwestern!
    Break right through that line,
    With our colors flying we will cheer you all the time,
    U Rah Rah
    Go! U Northwestern!
    Fight for victory,
    Spread far the fame of our fair name,
    Go! Northwestern win that game!

    (Yell) Go! Northwestern Go!
    (Yell) Go! Northwestern Go!
    Hit 'em hard!
    Hit 'em low!
    Go, Northwestern Go!
    (Repeat chorus)

    "Push On" and the Alma Mater: Besides the Fight Song, other two major songs that entered the Northwestern traditions are "Push On" and the Alma Mater. The Alma Mater is sung at halftime and the end of every football game.

    Push On Song

    Words and Music by Donald G. Robertson, '13

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    Push On, Northwestern and Go In To Win
    Push On, Northwestern and Fight
    May word or deed keep you in the lead,
    Push on to victory with all your might.

    Loyal to you we will always be true,
    Push when the game gets hard.
    From East to West we know you're the best,
    Push on to victory.

    Rise Northwestern,
    We'll Always Stand By You,
    Go Northwestern, We Will Ever Cheer and Sing
    For You to Win Northwestern,
    Our Hearts Will Ever Yearn
    For the Purple Banner Waving High for

    University Hymn

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    Hail to Alma Mater!
    We will sing thy praise forever;
    All thy sons and daughters
    Pledge thee victory and honor.
    Alma Mater, praise be thine,
    May thy name forever shine!
    Hail to Purple! Hail to White!
    Hail to thee, Northwestern!