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    Sport Nutrition

    The Northwestern Department of Intercollegiate Athletics places a high priority on nutrition as an integral part of performance, strength, and conditioning for student-athletes. Beyond genetics and training what, when, and how often our student-athletes eat and drink positively impacts performance and gives a competitive edge.

    The sports nutrition program is committed to helping student-athletes optimize their overall health and performance. We strive to build a foundation of sound nutrition habits that will help our student-athletes achieve their athletic goals and also empower them to maintain healthy nutrition habits for a lifetime. The principles of the program are to focus on educating, fueling, and counseling our student-athletes to train consistently and compete at their highest level.

    Proper nutrition and hydration gives our athletes, energy to train and compete, improve recovery from training and games, and decreases down time due to illness and injury.

    Some of the services provided through sports dietician referral:

    • Evaluation of health and performance markers via body composition analysis
    • Design training table menus
    • Assess fluid intake and hydration levels
    • Recovery nutrition
    • Medical nutrition therapy
    • Nutrition analysis
    • Evaluate safety, legality, and efficacy of nutrition supplements

    For any nutrition questions or to set up an appointment, contact Katie Knappenberger at