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    NU Sports Medicine Aide Program

    As in any service industry, the staffing is what determines the success of the operation. The Sports Medicine Aide Program is designed for Northwestern students to assist in their education as future medical professionals, as well as expose them to the qualities of the sports medicine profession.

    The Sports Medicine Aide Program is also designed to introduce students to the medical field, and establish professional relationships and connections with the medical businesses surrounding the Athletic Department. If a student is looking to major in any medical area, this position would absolutely enhance your knowledge and give you an incredible experience. Even if your major is in a field other than medicine, it is an amazing environment to work in, because it bestows every aspect of career formulating and character building.

    The Sports Medicine Aide Program is made up of two components: the work-study program and the volunteer program. All Sports Medicine Aides are treated equally regardless of whether they are in a paid or volunteer position.

    Expectations/Responsibilities of the Sports Medicine Aides:

  • Maintain confidentiality of medical information.
  • Observe all aspects of sports medicine inside and outside the athletic training room.
  • Help staff athletic trainers with any task.
  • Wear appropriate clothing: look professional, but dress properly for the work environment. Look well groomed.
  • Bring outer-ware appropriate for the weather.
  • Observe/assist with treatments, evaluations, and rehabilitation of athletes.
  • Assist in pre-practice preparations, practice, and post-practice follow-ups.
  • Assist in event coverage.
  • Participate in Sports Medicine Aides education program.

    Minimum Time Commitment for Sports Medicine Aides: 10 to 15 hours per week, which usually entails 2-3 afternoons between the hours of 1:00 - 7:00pm. Weekend availability as designated by sport for event and practice coverage. Attendance at morning in-services for one hour, 2-3 times per month.

    Honors & Awards: Evaluation Procedure for Sports Medicine Aides: Sports Medicine Aides receive a performance evaluation at the end of the fall and spring quarters. A written evaluation is completed by the Director of Sports Medicine, program coordinator, and supervising athletic trainer. These evaluations are then discussed with the Sports Medicine Aides on an individual basis. Feedback is welcome from the Sports Medicine Aides on both the pros and cons of their experience in the program.