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    Keep Up with 'Cats in Europe - Day Two

    NUSPORTSDOTCOM The Wildcats rode in these gondolas to reach their dinner destination.
    The Wildcats rode in these gondolas to reach their dinner destination.

    June 17, 2013


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    MARIBOR, Slovenia -- The Wildcats got their first taste of international competition Sunday afternoon in Europe before enjoying dinner on top of a mountain.

    Here's a reap of the tour's first match against the Croatian National Team.

    Each day throughout the tour, a member of Northwestern's 2013 squad will chronicle the day's events for Redshirt sophomore Caroline Niedospial takes a turn with the following entry:

    Today we woke up early for our first European practice after a good night's sleep. It was nice to finally sleep in a bed after hours of traveling by airplane and van. After a two-hour practice, we all went to eat lunch together. Here is where I experienced my first European near death experience.

    As I was looking at the buffet-style lunch options, a certain brown rice caught my eye. When I went to grab some to put on my plate, Crippen lunged out in front of me, almost knocking me over, to prevent me from getting it. What I did not know was that the rice contained shellfish! (I am very allergic.) Who knows what could have happened if Crippen wasn't there to save my life.

    After recuperating from the day's traumatic event, Holthus and I went back to our room and took a long nap. When we woke up, it was game time. We played a highly competitive Croatian National team. During the match, we were all learning how to adjust to the different-style international play. Even though we lost, we took a lot away from the games and learned things that we can use to get better tomorrow and the rest of the trip. We gave our jerseys to the other team when we finished playing and it was awesome to see how excited they all were to receive them and try them on. The player who got my jersey must have felt pretty lucky.

    Then the team took a trip up to the top of the mountain by gondola. As we got higher and higher in altitude, you could really see all of the beautiful Slovenian scenery surrounding us. I even saw a little baby deer! We spent the rest of the night eating and talking with other players from a Slovenian team who joined us. One of the players talked about being a vegetarian for 12 years, but when she tried KFC in the U.S., she started eating meat again and never looked back.

    When we came back to the hotel, we scored some gelato from the owner of the Dras Center -- thanks to my endearing charm. Tonight we will get another good night's sleep and then we play again tomorrow!

    HAPPY FATHERS DAY EVERYONE!!!! (Love you Dad. Hi Mom and hi Sistah!)



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