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    Entry 10 - May 11, 2010
    Blog Entry #10


    May 11, 2010

    Hi Wildcat fans,

    Big Ten Tournament Champs 12 years in a row! It's an amazing feeling to win four conference tournaments in my career, I can only imagine how good 12 must feel for Claire.

    Last weekend we traveled to Iowa to play in the Big Ten tournament and after two good wins against Ohio State and Illinois we reached the final to face Michigan. Earlier in the season we lost a tough match to them but we were determined to make this time different. We came out strong in doubles to take the opening point, and then were up 3-0 with the remaining 4 singles matches all in 3rd sets. Our freshman Linda Abu Mushrefova clinched the championship for us to take the title with a 4-0 win. This Big Ten title has meant the most to me over the 4 years. Our conference has become so much stronger and to be pushed hard and still come out with the championship makes it that much better, and a perfect way to end my conference career.

    We had a brief weekend off from matches so we had a chance to host our annual "Rally with the Cats" fundraiser. This is where the men's and women's tennis programs get to hang out with all our supporters and then be auctioned off as doubles partners for a pro-am tournament. Somehow it seems to turn into an opportunity for our coaches to make us stand on stage while they do their best to embarrass us in some way -- and they succeed too well! Thanks to everyone who made it, we really appreciate all your support throughout the season.

    Last and most importantly -- NCAAs. It's already that time of year and what we have been working hard for since September. This is the best part of the season, the tournament format makes the matches that much more intense with everything to play for. We were given the No. 6 seed in the tournament bracket so we host the first and second rounds this coming weekend. Up first is Miami of Ohio: we take on the RedHawks on Friday at 1 p.m. to start our run to compete for the NCAA title. So come out to support us and please be loud!

    Go Cats!



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