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    Lil' 'Cat Press Pass With Christine Brennan Story Winners Announced!

    NUSPORTSDOTCOM Before meeting the Lil' 'Cat Press Corp, Christine Brennan (left) received tips on throwing out the game's first pitch from legendary NU head coach Sharon Drysdale.
    Before meeting the Lil' 'Cat Press Corp, Christine Brennan (left) received tips on throwing out the game's first pitch from legendary NU head coach Sharon Drysdale.

    April 13, 2007

    EVANSTON, Ill. -- During Northwestern's 4-3 victory over No. 10 Michigan on March 31 at Sharon J. Drysdale Field, several young fans took part in the Lil' 'Cat Press Pass with Christine Brennan, who is an NU alum, sports columnist for USA Today, best-selling author and television commentator on ABCSports and ESPN.

    The Lil' 'Cats got the opportunity to sit with Brennan at the game and receive writing pointers and tips on covering sports. They then wrote game stories for publication on

    Following are the top two stories from the game, in which senior Jessica Miller (Elberfeld, Ind./Techumseh) hit a two-run home run in the sixth inning to give the Wildcats a 4-3, come-from-behind win against the Wolverines.

    What a Day!
    By: Sarah Lugo

    The Northwestern Wildcats won 4-3 against the Michigan Wolverines after a tremendous game at Sharon J. Drysdale Field.

    In the first inning, the Wildcats were up first. #8 Katie Logan, #2 Tammy Williams, and #23 Garland Cooper all grounded out. The Wolverines were up next. The starting pitcher was #5 Lauren Delaney. Within' three batters, #16 hit a homerun and the next batter #22 hit another homerun. The head coach, Kate Drohan, then took the pitcher out and put in #13, Eileen Canney. Right after that, they got their last out.

    In the 2nd inning, #00 Erin Dyer hit a ground out to 3rd base. Then, #11 Nicole Pauly hit a double off the fence in left field. The next two people at bat got out. The Wolverines were up. #24 struck out, #8 grounded out to first base, and #15 hit a fly ball to right field. In the 3rd inning, #4 Kelly Dyer got a strikeout and #6 Darcy Sengewald hit a single. #8 Katie Logan and #2 Tammy Williams both hit singles, #23 Garland Cooper was walked, and the next two batters hit fly outs to left field. The Michigan Wolverines were up. #2 hit a single, #17 was stuck in a run down and the pitcher finally tagged her. #21 hit a ground out to shortstop and #16 was walked intentionally. Finally to end the inning, #22 was struck out.

    Senior Garland Cooper talks to the Lil' 'Cat press corp after the game.

    In the 4th inning, #7 Jessica Miller was walked, then she stole 2nd and 3rd base. #4 Kelly Dyer hit a sacrifice fly to center field and Jessica came in and scored. #6 Darcy Sengewald struck out and #8 Katie Logan grounded out to third. When the Michigan Wolverines was up, #7 hit a single, #24 struck out, #8 struck out again and #15 hit a fly ball to right field and she was out. In the 5th inning, the Wildcats were out again in nine pitches. The Wolverines #17 was walked, #21 was grounded out to shortstop, #16 was walked, and then #22 hit an RBI single. #16 tried to steal but was tagged out.

    In the 6th inning, #11 Nicole Pauly hit a single, #17 Jessica Rigas grounded out to third base, then the unthinkable happened. #7 Jessica Miller hit a two run HOMERUN to left field putting her team back in the lead. #4 Kelly Dyer and #6 Darcy Sengewald struck out. Jessica Miller says, "That homerun felt great. I think I hit it about 275 to 300 feet." "That is the farthest hit that I have ever seen in this park," says Sharon Drysdale. Then the Wolverines were up. #7 was struck out, #24 grounded out to second base, and #8 grounded out to the pitcher.

    In the seventh inning, Katie Logan grounded out, Tammy Williams hit a single, Garland Cooper hit a fly ball to right field. The person up to bat was #11 Nicole Pauly who struck out. The Wolverines were up. The bases were loaded and #16 hit a grounder to the short stop and the game was over. The Wildcats won 4-3 in the second game of the series against the Michigan Wolverines. Coach Drohan said, "I never thought for a second that we would lose. I'm looking for a great season this upcoming year."

    Wildcats Win!
    By: Maria Salazar

    It was a bad start for the Wildcats. The Wolverines were winning by two homeruns. It was cold day for the game. It was just the second game for the Wildcats home season; as they suffered a tough loss on March 30th.

    #13 Eileen Canney came in after coach Kate Drohan took out #5 Lauren Delaney. Eileen pitched very well. Jessica Miller hit a home run with two people going to the home base. Wildcats make a victory of 4-3 and win.