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    March 18, 2009

    Heyo 'Cat fans!

    So I know it's been a while, but I have finally finished my finals and have some free time to write to all of you!!! This afternoon I completed my history final and am now celebrating with a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream and watching Dawson's Creek episodes until practice...I'm sure I will regret this when I start running today, but I can just never turn down ice cream.

    I think the last time we wrote was after OKC, since then we have been practicing a lot while trying to study and finish up some work before spring break. Since we did not have games last weekend, out coaches kicked out butts and we were all super sore! On Friday we ended practice with a lift, two leg circuits, thirty pull ups, and seventy v-ups! The circuit only took us a couple of minutes, but my body felt it all weekend!!! It's ok though because we got the whole weekend off and got some time to relax and do what we needed to get ready for exams. Also, if anybody would like to challenge our team to a pull up contest, BRING IT ON! Because our numbers are outrageous!

    On Saturday Erin and I went home for the South Side Irish Parade. It is something we do every year, and it is really cool for us because we get to spend some time with our family and eat really good corned beef and cabbage!!!

    While Erin and I were gone, the team celebrated Adrienne Monka's birthday. She is now the big 19!!! Everybody went out to Maggiano's and had a delicious meal where they sang Happy Birthday and the birthday girl blew out her candles!!! I bet she wished she could get better at hitting...cuz man she is really doing terrible right now. That is obviously a joke, Monks just crushes the ball and I'm really excited about it!!!

    We were graciously given Monday off, and got back to work yesterday! Since it was so warm, they took the tarp off Sharon J. and we scrimmaged after a short warm-up. We are really lucky because for the past few days [2007 graduate]Katie Logan and [2006 graduate]Courtnay Foster have been here working out with us, and Court pitches to us. Her pitches are filthy and it is great to have the ability to hit off her and learn from her during practice. As for Kt-lo, we have had an awesome time in the outfield! Katie has not played since she graduated two years ago, but you wouldn't know!!! She gets in the cage and is still hitting like the all-star I remember. All of us are having a great time having them around and I'll be sad when they leave us this weekend to continue their softball careers all summer in Italy!!! So fun, and I hope they have a great time!



    As for this weekend, I am so excited to start the BIG TEN season! Rumor on the street is that The Bus is making the trip from Iowa....get ready parents!!!! The Bus has been transformed by the Lafevers into the ultimate tailgating machine. It comes with three televisions, a bathroom, and a comfortable lounge area. In the fall it even took half the team to the Northwestern at Iowa football game! I've also heard that Mr. Pauly will be in the parking lot at 8 a.m. Saturday morning for the start of the tailgate. Did I mention I love all the parents??? For those of you who can not make it to our home games or have never been, our parents set up an awesome tailgate with a food, games and great conversation! My personal favorite is getting a good hot dog, some water and playing ladder ball. It is also possible that you could find me lying on the comfy bus seats watching ESPN!!! Mr. Pauly, Erin would like you to know that she received your message from Nicole and will be waiting for your famous cheeseburgers she waits all year for!

    Also, Saturday is Ashley Lafever DAY!!! Woo Woo!!! Feeves is my roommate and she rocks at softball, plus they are handing out a once-in-a-lifetime trading card of her so you better get one!! I know that at our last home game, if you have collected all four trading cards of our seniors you can win some excellent prizes. Too bad there won't be one made of me...I know, it is upsetting, but you will just have to try and get my autograph afterwards if you are lucky!

    I hope you can all make it out this weekend for our opening weekend to cheer us on against Michigan! If not, yours truly will be appearing on the Big Ten Network both days!!! So you have no excuse not to watch your 'Cats in action!

    Go Cats!

    Live the Dream Kelly