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    Erin and Kelly: THE DYER BLOG



    Blog Entry #7
    March 2, 2009


    I know it has been at least a week since Kelly or I have written, and I apologize!! I know you have probably been logging in and out of the NUSB website just to get your hands on another blog entry....without further ado...

    This weekend was full of cancellations, rain delays, snow delays, and plenty of sleeping and eating! It all started off last Thursday as we loaded up the bus to leave Evanston for our first trip south to Columbus, Ga. When we were all ready and set to go, our coaches let us know that our flight into Columbus was canceled. So, being the proactive group we are, we sat around for about 15 minutes, and then decided to go to the airport to find someway onto another flight to GA. When we arrived at the airport, we all set up camp by the check-in counters because we couldn't move any farther. After waiting to hear some good news, we were a little let down when we were told the only way we were getting to GA for the weekend was on a flight the next morning at 6 AM. Awesome!

    After hearing this news, we then learned we would be spending the night in the airport hotel. It was strange that we had to spend the night in Chicago, but I was happy, seeing as we weren't going to attempt to fly out in the monsoon like rain. Some more bad news came once we realized our game schedule would have to be moved around because we would not be able to get into GA until a later time. Not so bad however, because we were still going to get all our games in as scheduled. That night even after we had eaten in the hotel restaurant, we were all somewhat hungry. We went on a search for food somewhere because there weren't any vending vending machines, seriously?! So then, we got to a little café in the lobby of the hotel and discovered the smallest bottle of pop I have ever seen for $4. I mean, these little bottles were less than a can of pop! Even though I have a true passion for a certain brand of pop, myself and some of the other girls thought we could do better. We ended up going on a search for real bottles of pop and ended up finding some in another gift shop....we also found Ice Cream...don't tell our coaches though!



    Friday morning we were up around 4:30 AM so we could roll our luggage across the street to the airport. It was still dark out, and surprisingly crowded inside the airport. It was kind of funny to me though because if you're used to traveling and being in airports, there is rarely a quiet moment. Around 4:30 however, no one is talking to anyone! With only about a half hour till our plane started to board, our entire team was still stuck in security. Tammy Williams was at the front of the line taking McDonalds breakfast orders from everyone in the back so we could all eat before we hopped onto our flight. Our flight to GA made it there on time. When we arrived in Atlanta, we had a two-hour bus ride to Columbus that I don't even remember because I'm pretty sure I slept the whole way. Early morning and I do not mix well. The team woke up in Columbus to a rainy environment, hoping our games were still on time. Again, we were somewhat let down when we realized our two games turned into one, and then one turned into none. The rain was pretty steady through the night, but we had high hopes for our two games the next morning.

    Kelly and I were exceptionally excited for the weekend, and especially Saturday because my Mom, Therese, and my brother, Bobby, had flown into Atlanta, GA to see us play and stay with my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Pat Murphy who live in Atlanta!!! Family means everything to Kelly and I, so when we have a chance to see them or they get a chance to see us play it is special and a ton of fun! Saturday came and the rain had not stopped. It actually got a little worse. My room mate Nicole Pauly and I woke up to tornado sirens and a down pour of rain. We learned early on that our games would be post-poned till later in the evening when the rain had stopped. So, Pauly and I spent most of the day studying for our upcoming finals as well as watching as many Law and Order SVU's as possible.

    The rain let up and they told us we were going to play and I could not believe it. I had to see these fields for myself. After our pre-game meal, we headed to the fields to warm-up and make sure the fields were playable. To my surprise, the fields were great! A little wet, but defiantly ready to go and playable. We give big props to Columbus's Sports complex grounds crew. Those fields were ready to go, and the grounds crew was out between innings throwing down field dry to keep the fields playable. GREAT WORK!! We got both our games in Saturday night to everyone's surprise. We were able to play LIU & Hofstra. We won both games that night beating LIU 11-0 and Hofstra 3-1. After the games Kelly and I had to say goodbye to our mom, brother, aunt and uncle but we left with parting gifts. My mom got me my all-time favorite candy, Circus Peanuts!! Not everyone knows what these are, but they are the best, most absolutely delicious chewy, melt in your mouth, sugar filled candies you have ever tasted! Go ahead and disagree, but that doesn't matter because I LOVE them!

    Sunday came, with more rain and even worse some snow! Our last game was canceled early in the morning and left us searching for a way to get home. We found out that our flight home was canceled (another flight canceled...sweet!) and even better, the entire Atlanta airport was shut down! After hearing this news, our plan was to take a 3 ½ hour drive to Birmingham, Ala., to get on not one flight home, but two. We had to wait a while, since our flight was not until later, but the time flies with trips to Pizza Hut and those convenient stores in airports that have everything in them like t-shirts, magazines, candy, and even shot glasses, usually all with whichever state you're currently in plastered all over everything. In the end, I got through both our flights and made it home. After a very long weekend, the team was happy to be sleeping in their own beds and getting right back to work come Tuesday's practice.

    Oh yea...a couple things...

    I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend and teammate Emily Haug!!! It was her 21st over the weekend and it was full of sleeping, eating and waiting around to play softball. We'll go out for your birthday next year buddy!

    Also, CONGRATULATIONS to my Co-Senior Tammy Williams for being chosen by the Chicago Bandits in the NPF draft!! That'a girl!

    I'll catch you later Cat fans, keep living the dream,

    -little guy