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    May 14, 2011

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    2011 NCAA Women's Lacrosse Championship
    Northwestern 11, Boston College 8
    Postgame Quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Kelly Amonte Hiller
    Opening Statement...
    "Obviously it was a little bit dicey in the second half in terms of our turnovers. We would have liked to clean that up and play out the game more simply, but we didn't do that. We still had some gutsy plays; hopefully we got the jitters out. We have a great opportunity to play either Dartmouth or Albany, and you know we are just going to try and build on what we did today and move forward."

    On the nerves of her young team...
    "I think that played into it. The passing -- you could just tell -- it was somewhat jitters. BC called the timeout and we just talked about being focused and that is going to be the theme of the week because you have to know that no team is going to roll over. They are fighting for the extension of their season. It's going to be a fight right until the end. Hopefully we got those jitters out and gained some experience.

    "We have had tight games, but it's a little different when you are coming from behind because you have no choice -- you forget about the jitters. When you are on top, you just have to play with that confidence and that is going to be a definite theme for the week."

    Northwestern junior Alex Frank
    On draw controls...
    "(Britney Wilton) has quick hands and is strong going up for the ball. When the ball did go up and it hit the group we were not first to the ball. We definitely need to get that quicker step and that will definitely be something we work on. She was great at doing it and we tried our best to try and get her to go a different way. At the end of the day, it was really who was coming up with the ball in the end and hopefully next game it will be us."

    Boston College Head Coach Bowen Holden
    Opening Statement...
    "It's never easy to lose. We are focusing on the positives and the fact that this 2011 team got further than any Boston College team in the history of this program. Every year we are taking one more step to get to another place. Playing against a team like Northwestern, with all their tradition and success -- to play them as hard as we did and as close as we did doesn't really ease the pain of a lost but it certainly shows that this program is right there with the best teams in the country."

    On lessons to be learned from the loss...
    "I think we can take a lot of confidence. We can take a lot of lessons. When you are one of the best teams in the country playing on of the best teams in the country, it's going to come down to the details. It's going to come down to taking care of the ball. It's going to come down to ground balls. It's going to come down to draw controls. We lost the ground ball battle but we won the draw control battle. Unfortunately we had far more turnovers. We've been averaging about 10 in a game and we had 21 today. That's a drastic difference and unfortunately those turnovers came near the end of the game when we really needed to capitalize on our possessions. The reality is and the lesson is that we are here. We are one of those top teams but we have to now fine tune things. When we fine tune things, we will ultimately be one of those teams that is hard to stop."