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    Trackin' Jill

    Keep up with Jill Putnam through NU's field hockey season and all her adventures as a student-athlete at Northwestern.

    Jill Putnam

    Oct. 2
    Oct. 18

    Friday, Oct. 31--Hey Everyone!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you have all had a good week. I know that we have. We started off this great week on Sunday against 10th-ranked Louisville. It was a great game. We started off strong, playing our game. They scored first but we were able to come right back with one. We then went ahead, 2-1, when Plaster scored on a straight-shot corner play. (I am always extra proud of the goals we score on corners...because I get to call them!) But Louisville managed to come back as well and we headed for overtime with the score was tied, 3-3. For those of you who may not know, after regulation is over we go straight into a 6-on-6 full-field sudden-death overtime for 15 minutes. It is very hard and extremely exhausting for the players. A 100x60-yard field gets extremely big when you lose five people from each team on the field. However, we battled hard and subbed as much as we could and we got down to 3:20 on the clock when U of L scored to win the game. It was a hard fought battle and we played awesome. I couldn't have been happier with the way the team played.  

    As for this week we have a lot in store for us and all of our fans. As you know today is Halloween so we are having our team's annual costume contest for players coaches during and after practice. This is (for my class at least) one of our favorite times of the year. We LOVE dressing up!! It's also senior weekend, with our last home game Saturday against Indiana. We get to have the locker room decorated and see lots of signs for the seniors and after the game Saturday we'll host our big "Dinner with the 'Cats" celebration. This is a dinner for families, alumni and friends of the program to celebrate the season and the seniors as well as raise some money for our program. It's always a lot of fun.  

    Well that is about it for now...come and support our seniors and watch us battle against Indiana on Saturday at noon. We would love the support!!

    GO 'CATS

    ~ Jill