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    Entry 21 - March 30, 2010
    Blog Entry #21

    March 30 , 2010

    Hi Wildcat Fans!

    After playing Michigan for a fourth time, our season officially came to an end on March 25. The game started out with Michigan on fire hitting their first 6-of-7 shots from the field. They built a comfortable double-digit lead in the first half, which was too much for us to overcome. It is disappointing that we did not beat them, but now that the season is over I can reflect on the successful season we had.

    Our final record was 18-15, making it the third biggest turnaround for a BCS team this season. We not only more than doubled our wins from last year, but we also made it to a postseason tournament, which was the first time in 13 years our program has done so. There was a lot to be proud of from this winning season. I know myself along with many of my teammates chose to come to Northwestern to help change around a program (and receive a great education as well). We wanted to be the players that started a long tradition of winning. This season we began that tradition and from now on, nothing but winning seasons are to be expected.

    I had to do a few interviews during our postseason run, and one of the most consistent questions I got asked was, "What does it mean for this program to finally make it to a postseason tournament after a huge drought for so many years?" Of course I said it meant a lot to our program to have finally gotten over that hump. I also said that we were finally starting to catch up to the successes of other athletic programs at Northwestern. Although we haven't won the national championship five seasons in a row, or even the WNIT for that matter, we are now working toward getting to the same elite level that our women's lacrosse team has reached. Our softball, men's soccer, women's tennis, and football teams join the lacrosse squad as programs with a recent history of success.

    We will greatly miss our graduating seniors, Kristin Cartwright and Kaitlin McInerney. It's sad to think they won't be around next year. However, we are also excited about the three new freshmen that will be joining us.

    Now we will head into spring quarter with having two hours of basketball a week. We also lift and condition three times a week to get stronger and stay in shape. Once spring quarter is over many of us will take a summer school class and start gearing up for our preseason workouts. After summer school is over, we get six weeks off of school and basketball before we come back for the next season.

    The main objective I had for this blog before I began writing it was to thank you for supporting our team all season long. We had tremendous fan support this year and without that, this season wouldn't mean half of what it does. So on behalf of my teammates and coaches, THANK YOU!!!

    Oh, and we are having an end-of-the season banquet on April 21, which fans are invited to attend! RSVP to Heather at, or call her at 847-491-5709. Admission is $35 per person, and includes dinner. A silent auction will also be going on.

    If I don't see you there, hope to see you next season,
    Go Cats!
    Amy J.

    Amy Jaeschke


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