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    'Cats Conquer Sports Performance Scavenger Hunt

    July 30, 2014

    Scavenger Hunt

    PHOTOS: Sports Performance Scavenger Hunt

    EVANSTON, Ill. -- If you saw the Northwestern women’s basketball team sprinting down Central Street early Wednesday morning, there was a reason for that. The Wildcats were in the midst of a scavenger hunt, set up NU Assistant Director of Sports Performance, Tanna Burge.

    The scavenger hunt marked the end of the women’s basketball team’s summer training competition. The Wildcats were split into two groups; Team MAMA CAT, which featured juniors Tessa Haldes and Maggie Lyon, sophomores Ashley Deary, Christen Inman and Allie Tuttle along with incoming freshmen Alexis Glasgow and Maya Jonas, and Team Black, which included seniors Alex Cohen and Karly Roser, juniors Lauren Douglas and Christen Johnson, sophomore Nia Coffey and freshman Lydia Rohde.

    Throughout the summer, the teams went head-to-head in various sports performance and nutrition activities, including a jump rope competition, tug-of-war and a team relay, with Team Black holding the slight edge heading into the final event of the summer, the scavenger hunt. Team MAMA CAT pulled off the comeback victory though, winning the scavenger hunt and was crowned the victors of the summer training competition.

    Wednesday’s scavenger hunt featured a number of different tasks and each team needed to provide photo or video evidence of the completed task. Here are the rules and the tasks and be sure to check out the links below to see photos and video.

    Here are the Rules:

    • Each team must travel the whole course together
    • One camera is used by each team … You cannot split up and then text pictures to one camera
    • You do not have to complete the tasks in a specific order (except the first event)
    • If you do not know the location of one of the tasks, you must ask people in the area to help you find it Complete all tasks
    • For photo/video tasks, all team members must participate except the teammate taking the photo/video
    • Team is finished when all participants arrive back at the weight room … Tiebreaker will take place there if necessary
    • All participants must complete tasks on foot … Do not drive or use other modes of transportation

    Scavenger Hunt Tasks:

    First Event: Tower of Hanoi in weight room

    PHOTO: Spell “NU” with your bodies on center court of Welsh-Ryan Arena

    PHOTO: Team picture in front of Mustard’s Last Stand

    VIDEO: Stadium Snake in the end zone of Ryan Field

    VIDEO: Five burpees on Walker Terrace

    PHOTO: Creative team picture in front of Ryan Field scoreboard

    PHOTO: Team picture with wall graphic of Coach Fitz in football stadium

    PHOTO: Team picture in front of Central Street fire station WITH a firefighter

    VIDEO: Dance with a stranger

    PHOTO: Creative team picture on the playground at Maple Park


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