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    And-1 With Amy

    NUSPORTSDOTCOM Amy Jaeschke and the Wildcats finished with a 16-14 mark, their first winning season since 1996-97.
    Amy Jaeschke and the Wildcats finished with a 16-14 mark, their first winning season since 1996-97.

    March 9, 2010

    Hey Wildcat Fans,

    Personally, there were countless things that were different about this season compared to the ones I have experienced in the past. I had my first conference road win, beat my first-nationally ranked opponent, finished the regular season with a winning record, had back-to-back conference wins, and also experienced winning six games in a row as a Wildcat. If you look back at the history of our program and compare that to what we accomplished this year, you can see that times are on the up for our program. This also includes the newest thing for me (and the program in recent years) ... the nonconference season is finished, the conference season is finished, the Big Ten Tournament is finished, but we are not finished. In years past at this point, we would be gearing up for postseason workouts. But not this year. This year, we are gearing up for postseason tournament play!

    Due to the success our program has had this year, we have a good chance of making it into the WNIT. Both the NCAA and WNIT pick their selections of which teams make it to their tournament as well as who, when, and where they play on Monday, March 15th. It is weird sitting in the position we are now, not knowing if we have made it for sure. Since our exhibition game in the beginning of November, this is the first week that we have had no game, and the first time we do not know who our next opponent will be. As a result, the coaches are having us battle everyday in very competitive practices where it's white team versus purple team. Not until our name is called can we start preparing for our next opponent.

    I am very anxious to see if we make the tournament, and if we do, who we play. I look back on the season and wished we had pulled out some of the games we lost by a point or two at the buzzer. If we had just finished out a few more games throughout the season we may have been on the bubble to make the NCAA Tournament, or at least, our team would be feeling more confident about our WNIT chances. But, then you look back on a few of the other games where we had huge wins against DePaul, Purdue, Wisconsin and Iowa. They, along with others, were very exciting games to be a part of. Just winning some of the games we did this year marked some major milestones for our program. Overall, it seems like it would be the perfect ending to a successful year if we made it to postseason play.



    Thankfully, I am completely swapped with school work since I am in the mist of finishing up all my classes for the quarter and knee-deep in papers and exams for the remainder of this week. Therefore my time is limited to contemplate what going to happen with the WNIT. It seems for now I will be holding my breath until I find out if we made it, but hopefully I will have a great sigh of relief when we are picked on Monday and get the chance to continue our season.

    Wish us luck!

    Until next time,

    Amy J.