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    And-1 With Amy

    NUSPORTSDOTCOM Amy Jaeschke and the Wildcats battle Indiana at 7 p.m. Thursday.
    Amy Jaeschke and the Wildcats battle Indiana at 7 p.m. Thursday.

    Feb. 16, 2010

    Hey Wildcat Fans,

    We lost two road games last week against Illinois and Michigan State. To be completely honest when we went down to Champaign the game ended up being both awful and embarrassing. We lost by 31 points and it wasn't even a contest from the tip. Jenna Smith, their post player, was 11-of-12 from the field including 5-of-6 from the three-point line in the first half alone. It seemed like she could have thrown the ball behind her head and she still would have made the basket. In the second half, our team limited her to only four shots, a significant difference from the first half.

    At least at Michigan State we competed for a full forty minutes. The best part of the game was when our 5'5" point guard Beth Marshall jumped against MSU's 6'9" center, Allyssa DeHaan, in the tipoff. It was a sight to see and, the kicker ... we won the tip!! Although Beth didn't get her hand on the ball, it was still tipped backward towards Kristin who wrestled to come up with the ball, allowing us to have the first possession of the game.

    I have had a few people suggest to me over the past few weeks to share some insight on common phrases that Coach McKeown says, aka "coachisms." There is a game he seems to like to play with us a lot. It is where he asks questions that start with, "I wanna know." In fact, our last practice before we played MSU we played this "game" as well. We were running through our offensive sets when he began to play the game again. We would get to a particular part of the play and he would stop us and ask a question such as: "I wanna know how come we never get to this part of the play?" Then we have to answer with our thoughts on the question. We played this game earlier in the year where Coach McKeown had all of the seniors stand up separately during a film session and ask the "I wanna know questions." Questions like, "I wanna know what you think of the Big Ten this year", or, "I wanna know what you think about your career at NU thus far" or, "I wanna know what you think the state of this team is right now." These questions help him understand the way we perceive what is going on with us or our team or the league while also helping us articulate our thoughts.



    This week, we have two home games. It is nice to be playing back at home because it is a great chance for us to get our feet back under us with the comfort of a home crowd. Our first game is on Thursday against Indiana. The first time we played them in Assembly Hall we lost a close one by six points. I am still hearing about how I have not beaten Indiana from my mom and sister (both IU alums), so we really need to pull out this win. Our second game is against Iowa, which we lost to by nine points last time. It is also our Pink Zone game where we promote breast cancer awareness. As far as attire goes, it is by far my favorite game of the year. Our equipment manager, Meli Resendiz, decks us all out in pink. Last year we had pink uniforms, pink socks, pick shoe laces, and pink head/wrist bands. Hopefully you can make it out to the game because these are two of our last three home games of the season!

    Go `Cats and Go USA!!!

    Amy J.