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    Future Wildcats

    When you become a Wildcat, you embark on a four-year professional development program that aids in finding your career path, networking with top industry professionals and taking the next step after graduation. The four-year structure below describes the programming for each year. Other programming over the course of your four years that is optional includes Brown Bag Speaker Series, professional development workshops and industry panels.

    Four-Year Programming Structure
    Freshman Year
    • Participate in the athletic departmentís unique Freshman Year Experience (FYE) (Required)
    • Learn about the resources available through the NU for Life program and what the roadmap looks like
    Junior Year
    • Secure an internship or field study
    • Participate in Wildcat Professional Excellence Program (WPEP) (Required)
    Sophomore Year
    • Pair with a mentor either through the N Club Mentoring program or your own sport program.
    • Begin resume reviews
    • Establish LinkedIn page
    • Complete an assessment test to determine career aspirations
    • Participate in Sophomore Seminar in Spring Quarter (Required)
    Senior Year
    • Attend networking event
    • Enlist help of multiple resources to aid in job search
    • Participate in Senior Transition Seminar (Required)