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    Ways Alumni Can Contribute to NU for Life

    Informational Interview: A one-time 20-30 minute commitment of an in-person meeting, email, phone or skype conversation initiated and orchestrated by the student-athlete. The purpose of this interview is strictly informational. The goal is for the student-athlete to gain insight into a field or industry he or she is interested in pursuing as well as make a connection with an alum or NU supporter.
    Time commitment: 20-30 minutes on an irregular basis.

    Summer Treks: Summer Treks occur during the summer quarter (late June-early August) and are aimed at exposing student-athletes who stay on campus for the summer to various companies in Chicago. Student-athletes visit the company, take a tour of the offices, speak with employees about daily tasks and get a sense for what it is like to work in that particular area.
    Time commitment: A few hours of prep time on the front end, in addition to the date of the visit.

    Shadowing Opportunity: Allowing a student-athlete to shadow you for half a day or full day to provide insight into that field as well as to what you do on a daily basis.
    Time commitment: A few hours of prep time on the front end, in addition to the date of the visit.

    NU for Life Programming Participant: Serving as a speaker or panelist for a quarterly NU for Life event. Putting on a workshop or seminar in your area of expertise.
    Time commitment: One or two events per year (1-5 hours/year)

    Mentorship: Alums who are interested in a special relationship with a student-athlete, including frequent communication via phone or email as well as in-person interaction when applicable. This is the most time intensive contribution to the NU for Life program.
    Time commitment: 3-5 hours/month (estimated)

    Internship or Job: Allowing a student-athlete to earn professional experience within your organization.

    NU for Life offers a wide variety of opportunities for Alumni to contribute to the professional development of current Wildcats. Contact Julie Hammer at to get involved.