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    Fedor Baev
    Fedor  Baev


    Oslo, Norway

    High School:
    Wang Toppidrett

    Height / Weight:
    6-3 / 180


    NU Knocked Out of NCAA Tournament by No. 1 Oklahoma, 4-1

    Northwestern finishes 21-10 on the season


    Northwestern Storms to NCAA Second Round

    'Cats top Harvard 4-3 in thrilling fashion, will face No. 1 Oklahoma Saturday


    NU Falls to Top-Seeded Illinois in Tournament Semifinals, 4-0

    Northwestern awaits an NCAA tournament bid, which will be announced this week


    Wildcats Beat Indiana in Quarters, Face Illinois in Semis

    Northwestern advances to Big Ten Tournament semifinals for second year in a row


    Northwestern Enters Big Ten Tournament as No. 4 Seed

    The `Cats have a bye on Thursday and will open in the quarterfinals on Friday

    2014-15: Finished 19-12 in singles and 15-13 in doubles ... Anchored the No. 5 position in singles ... Won six consecutive singles matches and six doubles contests 3/29-4/17 ... Ranked No. 85 in doubles with Strong Kirchheimer 4/7-14 ... Achieved five straight singles victories 2/22-3/8 ... Won all three singles matches the weekend of 2/6-8 ... Compiled a 2-2 singles record in the fall.

    2013-14: Finished 8-7 in singles and 11-11 in doubles ... Went on a three-match winning streak in singles 3/2 to 4/6 ... Won three straight singles matches over the 2/7-9 weekend ... Achieved first collegiate win over Chicago State's Luis Ulloa 6-0, 6-2 (1/19) ... Went 0-3 in the fall.

    High School: No. 189 world ranked junior player ... No. 1 junior player from Turkey ... ATP world ranking in singles, picking up an ATP point in Turkey during summer of 2013 ... Member of the Turkey Junior Davis Cup Team ... First Turkish player ever selected to the ITF Europe A Team ... 2012 winner of two ITF doubles titles and finals of one ITF singles event.

    Baev's Stats (as of 5/9/15)


    Season Overall W-L Dual Match


    Conference 1 2 3 4 5 6
    2013-14 8-7 8-4 0-3 1-0 --- --- --- 1-0 1-3 6-1
    2014-15 19-12 17-10 2-2 7-3 --- --- --- --- 16-10 1-0
    Career 27-19 25-14 2-5 8-3 --- --- --- 1-0 17-13 7-1


    Season Overall W-L Dual Match


    Conference 1 2 3
    2013-14 11-11 9-9 2-2 0-3 1-0 7-9 1-0
    2014-15 15-13 14-11 1-2 5-4 3-7 10-3 ---
    Career 26-24 23-20 3-4 5-7 4-7 17-12 1-0

    Get to Know Fedor Baev

    Describe briefly your recruiting process/how you ended playing here at Northwestern:
    My recruiting process was probably a lot different from the typical college athlete. As I come from Norway, I had not previously had exposure to the college environment or coaches, so my only chance was to come to the states and play tournaments, which I did. In the fall of 2011 I played two big international tournaments in Florida with the intention of being picked up by a college coach. Luckily for me, Chris saw me and approached me, and after I took my visit here in January I was sure that this was the perfect fit for me.

    What advice will you give to kids wanting to play your sport in college?
    Listen to your coaches, they know better, even if it does not seem that way at the given time. Also be particular about the little things, stretch after practice and take care of your body as best you can. If you don't do it, no one else will.

    What is the greatest lesson in life that you have learned so far?
    Hard work pays off in the end. Set yourself a big goal, but also smaller goals that will help you on the way.

    Describe a humbling experience in your life:
    This winter I am taking a Russian class, a language that I speak fluently, but almost cannot write. So far it has been a very fulfilling experience, but also very humbling as I've had to struggle with unfamiliar grammar and rules.

    What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?
    This is a good question. I would say, that being accepted to Northwestern and playing for this team has been my greatest achievement.

    The person/s that inspire/s you the most:
    As a freshman I looked up to my three seniors, and I want to be like them when it is my turn to be the oldest on the team.

    If you were given a chance to dine with anyone from any period in history, who will you choose and why?
    Julius Caesar, because I'm fascinated with the Roman Empire and I want to learn how he first became such a great general and how his ambitions changed and why he decided to overthrow the senate. The second I want to have dinner with is Ken Shropshire because his job intrigues me.

    Who/what did you pretend to be when playing as a kid/growing up?
    At first I pretended that I was Pat Rafter, but after he retired I always wanted to be Roger Federer.

    What is/are your favorite song/s or best concert ever attended?
    I like Kygo a lot, I went to his concert this winter and it was a great experience.

    Best book you have ever read?
    Redbreast by Jo Nesbø. He is a Norwegian author who writes brilliant thrillers that captivate you from page 1.

    What is/are your favorite place/s to visit?
    I love going to Spain, but as I'm not home that often anymore it is very nice to go back to where I grew up.

    What is/are your favorite food?
    I like food in general, but if I have to pick I would say that sushi and a fine cut of steak are the two favorites.

    Hobbies or favorite activities during your spare time:
    I like reading, going downtown Chicago and I ski when I go home in the winter.

    Describe your pregame ritual:
    I meticulously put on new grips on at least three rackets, also making sure my strings are new and are not going to break during the match. I fill up my bottles with water and Gatorade, all the while listening to my own music.

    What talent/s do you have that you would like to showcase in a talent show?
    I'm a good juggler; I can juggle 5 balls at a time.

    How do you want people to remember you as a person?
    I want people to remember me as a driven worker who strives to reach his goals and helps his teammates on the way.

    Who is/are your favorite athlete/s growing up?
    Roger Federer and Petter Northug