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    Transcript From Randy Walker Chat



    Nov. 15, 2000

    Hey, I'm here for one last session. Ready to take your questions as we gear up for Illinois and a shot at the Big Ten title this weekend.

    John Thomas from at 8:00pm ET
    What about out of state recruits who want to start college during the spring semester? How often does this happen, how is the situation handled?
    Randy Walker at 8:01pm ET
    A student-athlete must have all the necessary credentials for admission to Northwestern. Once those standards are met, he can enroll and begin practice. We currently have a player who enrolled last spring and was able to go through spring practice and get a little ahead of the standard procedure. His name is Gilles Lezi.
    Catsfan7 from [] at 8:02pm ET
    Why do you think Damien Anderson isn't getting the Heisman talk that many feel he deserves?
    Randy Walker at 8:04pm ET
    To be considered seriously for the Heisman, you need to have a great junior season that "sets the table" for a senior run at the Trophy. As you know, most publications picked us at the bottom of the Big Ten, and with little evidence from 1999 he started that race way behind the other candidates. Hopefully, this outstanding season by Damien will put him in the forefront for awards next season.
    Cat_fan from [], at 8:05pm ET
    What is your plan for bouncing back from such a tough loss last week?
    Randy Walker at 8:06pm ET
    Hey Cat_fan,
    I think all of us were disappointed in the performance but excited about the opportunity still ahead. I think the challenge of playing a great Illinois team, as well as having a lot at stake, helps us all get back up in the saddle.
    napmdp from at 8:07pm ET
    What worries you the most about the Illini?
    Randy Walker at 8:08pm ET
    A lot of things concern us, but it's obvious as you look at the Illini that Coach Turner has done a great job of preparation. They are sound in every aspect of football, and have some outstanding players on both sides of the ball. It will take out best effort to have a chance to win this week.
    NU1Fan from at 8:09pm ET
    Having the rigorous academic standards at NU, does that hurt your ability to recruit top athletes compared to schools with less rigorous standards?
    Randy Walker at 8:10pm ET
    Actually, I think it's an asset to have the academic standards because it attracts the very best student-athletes. Most prospects realize that they need a great education once their playing career is over. We can provide a great situation for any player.
    Jimmy Cate from at 8:11pm ET
    I was at the game saturday, It appeared that the hawks shut the offense down. How do you think you can prevent that if it happens again?
    NU1Fan from at 8:11pm ET
    With all the powerful offenses in the Big Ten, do you think that the Big Ten is losing its toughness and importance on defense?
    Randy Walker at 8:13pm ET
    I'll answer Jimmy's question...
    Most of the time, when an offense fails to move the football, it is a result of SIW's..."Self Inflicted Wounds." We were inconsistent because of our inability to eliminate penalties and some negative-yardage plays. We are looking forward to playing a much better game this week.
    NU Fan from Houston from at 8:13pm ET
    After such a great season in just your second year, what are your plans to continue to improve the team next year?
    Randy Walker at 8:15pm ET
    There are two ways to continue in improvement. First, we must continue to develop the talent that is already on our campus. That development takes place during the offseason in the weightroom and in the conditioning program. Secondly, we must continue to recruit quality student-athletes to Northwestern, and I'm happy to say that our recruiting is going very well.
    tim from at 8:17pm ET
    do u think a win over the Illini will keep u alive in the rose bowl hunt?

    Randy Walker at 8:19pm ET
    Certainly a win over Illinois will ensure us a tie for the Big Ten championship. But we need the right set of circumstances to make it to Pasadena. In the other two matchups, we need Indiana to beat Purdue and Michigan to beat Ohio State. Of course, the most important thing is that we play well and take care of business here at Ryan Field.
    All right, time for one more question.
    NU1Fan from at 8:20pm ET
    As a prospective NU student, can I look forward to more exciting years to come in the NU football program?
    Randy Walker at 8:22pm ET
    I am very excited about the future for our football program here at Northwestern. In addition to having an outstanding academic institution, we have first-rate facilities that can attract quality student-athletes. The talent level of the young players in our program is excellent, so I believe that we can continue to improve and compete at the highest level.
    Thanks, everyone, for a great year online. We'll see you at Ryan Field this weekend for the Illinois game.