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    Transcript From Damien Anderson's Chat On Tuesday

    NUSPORTSDOTCOM Damien Anderson will chat on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ET.
    Damien Anderson will chat on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ET.

    Nov. 14, 2000

    Hello, I am here and ready for your questions. Let's get started.

    Wildcats_are_awesome from at 2:41pm ET
    Damien, how do you explain the inconsistency of play? After that exciting comeback against Michigan, it seemed that you guys were caught a bit off-guard by Iowa. How will you guys regroup for the Illinois game?
    Damien Anderson at 2:42pm ET
    They just came to play. I don't want to take any thing away from them. They have had some close game.

    It is unfortunate that we lost, but we have always responded in a positive way and I think that is what will happen this weekend.
    J. Alexander NU'93 from at 2:42pm ET
    Does Darnell Autry's delayed "success" in the NFL make you think more about staying for your senior year. Of course we all hope you stay around. Ever think about graduate school?
    Damien Anderson at 2:43pm ET
    I value education tremendously. I don't overlook anything and I don't like to look that far ahead. I try and keep everything in perspective and right now I am focused on Illinois.
    Jack Danilewicz from [], at 2:43pm ET
    Aloha from Honolulu Damien. Great job this season. As a Northwestern fan I have always considered the Illinois game THE game regardless of records. Obviously, you have a lot on the line this week already, but I'm wondering if the out-of-state players on your roster get caught up in the rivalry as well? Or is it we the fans who make a big deal of it?
    Damien Anderson at 2:44pm ET
    It definitely goes the whole nine yards. I think everyone gets into the hype. It is a great game -- interstate and a lot of emotions on both sides. Lots of bragging rights are at stake. Everyone is part of this team.
    UofIfan from at 2:44pm ET
    Were the hawkeyes the most physical team youve played this year?
    Damien Anderson at 2:45pm ET
    I wouldn't say they were the most physcial but they just wanted it more. They did a great job of making things happen and they played with a lot of emotion.
    Joehosophat from at 2:45pm ET
    What made you choose Northwestern over some of the other Big Ten schools like Michigan, OSU & PSU?
    Damien Anderson at 2:46pm ET
    I am from Illinois and my Mom is a teacher and I value education. It offered the best of both worlds. Football was coming off a Rose Bowl trip and the program was on the rise, plus getting one of the best educations in the nation.
    Knight_Hawk from [], at 2:46pm ET
    Hi Mr. Anderson, just wondering what Iowa did defensively last week to slow down your offense? Do you think they did anything special that other teams may try to copy or just a bad game for Northwestern? Thank you in advance and good luck the rest of the season.
    Damien Anderson at 2:47pm ET
    It was a combination of things. We didn't execute properly and they played with a lot of emotion and were the better team that day. We didn't play like we have been.
    Dardog from at 2:47pm ET
    Damien, Congrats on a great season so far. Can you talk about your game face. You never smile during a game and I love when you score a TD and simply hand the ref the ball. You always react as you expected it. Who taught you about the game face? How long has it been part of your game?
    Damien Anderson at 2:49pm ET
    Ever since I have been playing starting in second grade. I have always admired Walter Payton and Barry Sanders. Everyone sees you when you get to the endzone and I want to show my respect for the game and not how good I can dance. The important thing is that I respect football and I got myself into the endzone.
    Jacob from [] at 2:49pm ET
    What do you think your chances are in winning the Heisman Trophy award?
    Damien Anderson at 2:50pm ET
    I haven't really put much thought into that. There are some very good athletes out there. I am a product of all 11 guys. We are all in the hunt and my teammates have allowed me to do some great things. I think I am in the mix and in the running, but there are a lot of guys that are in the mix as well. But I think the Trophy is a reflection of the whole team, they are out on the field with me as well.
    Gary Walenga from at 2:50pm ET
    Hey Damien, what were you thinking about after you dropped the certain touchdown pass against Michigan and it seemed that the game was out of reach?

    Damien Anderson at 2:51pm ET
    I wanted to handle my emtions in a respectful way and not in a negative manner. I felt the defense would come up big and we would get a chance to win the game. I didn't want to let my team down because I am a leader and guys look up to me.
    Go_Bucks from [] at 2:52pm ET
    Where do you rate yourself in respect to other RBs around the Big Ten?
    Damien Anderson at 2:53pm ET
    That's tough. I would just say that I am in top few guys. But every team has a great running back and I just try and work hard and make plays when I am on the field. I don't like to rank myself against others. That is up to the fans.
    Willie the Wildcat from [] at 2:53pm ET
    Damien, have you felt that you've been under the shadow of Darnell? After you break his single-season rushing record, do you feel as if any weight will be lifted?
    Damien Anderson at 2:55pm ET
    I have never really thought about him. He did a great job of taking his team to several bowl games. We are two different types of running backs on two different teams. I have a lot of respect for him but I just try and be me.
    Gary Walenga from at 2:55pm ET
    What does the Rose Bowl mean to you?
    Damien Anderson at 2:56pm ET
    Being the best and getting a chance to play in one of the most traditional and well respect Bowls in the country. Also it is just another chance to play more football.
    NUCATS1 from [], at 2:56pm ET
    Damien, nice season thus far. Good luck against Illinois - my daughters want to go to Florida! The obvious question: Almost the entire offense can return and you will likely be a favorite for the Heisman next year. Are you coming back?
    Damien Anderson at 2:57pm ET
    My plan is to return right now, but the most important thing to me right now is Illinois. I just try and take it one game and one day at a time. I will consult Coach Walker and my family before I would make a decision like that. It is definitely a dream of mine, but I will research it with people whom I respect their opinion.
    Damien Anderson at 2:59pm ET
    That's all the time I have for now. Thanks for all the support. I will continue to work hard and hope I can make everyone proud.

    Take care.