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    Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald Postgame Quotes



    Oct. 15, 2011

    Northwestern vs. Iowa
    Oct. 15, 2011 - Kinnick Stadium
    Postgame Quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald

    Opening Statement...
    "You look at the game and we put ourselves in a hole. When we put ourselves in the hole that we did it's hard to come back from that. Turned the ball over, 10-point swing and the ball being thrown over our heads is a recipe for disaster."

    "I thought there were some pretty bright things. I thought we were pretty darn good on the third-down on offense and on defense we were much better than we were a week ago. I thought for the most part we were able to stop the run but not to the point where we need to in order to win a football game like this. A lot of things we are going to look at hard as coaches. Are we putting our guys in the right position to make plays? Are we giving them the best opportunity to be successful? Fundamentally are we giving them all the tools to be successful? It will start and end there. We are going to find a way to create a plan for our guys, come back home for homecoming next week and find a way to get a win. In the heart of the storm you stay the course and find a way to get some things fixed."

    On having to primarily re-examine the defense...
    "Well you get 500 yards, but it's not about yards. It's about points and the offense. I think we stopped ourselves today with turnovers and obviously some self-inflicted wounds. You got guys coming off the field saying I'm playing this concept and I'm playing that concept, so those kind of breakdowns and communications when they have happened, have been disastrous for us this year. So it starts with us as coaches. What are we asking them to do? Why are they confused? Why are they on different pages? It's not like Iowa did anything different than they typically do. I think they gave us one little formation variation but we adjusted to it we thought. On the boundary, we didn't do as good of a job as coaches, so that's our responsibility."



    On first time seeing Vandenberg since stepping in for Stanzi in 2009
    "I'm not sure if it's what we haven't seen. He is executing with in a framework of what coach O'Keefe and Kirk are asking him to do. He doesn't try to force the ball. That is the one thing that jumped out to me on tape. I very rarely, this year, have seen him force the ball and really not take what the defense was giving him. It's a hallmark for a young guy even though he doesn't have a million starts under his belt like Ricky did. You can tell he has been in the system for a while and you see the poise. He has obviously carried them pretty far, so far this year. He has won a lot of games because of the way he throws the ball. Iowa has great talent on the perimeter. Marvin (McNutt) is a really good player. I'm glad he is graduating this year. That's great. Marvin and Keenan had a great game. They are great players."