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    Randy Walker Answers The Fans' Questions



    Sept. 13, 2000

    The following is a transcript from Wednesday's weekly chat session.

    Randy Walker
    Here I am. Go Cats. I'm ready to take your questions.

    Question for the coach. In the shotgun, your offensive center telegraphs the snap every time. He always snaps the ball one count after he lifts his head. Can't the QB vary the snap count. Big Ten teams will pick this up.

    Randy Walker
    We have several mechanisms for timing the quarterback's center exchange. If you watch closely, you will see several of these in action this week against TCU.
    temple hills
    Hey coach, your defensive end Missouri what has he improved this year

    Randy Walker
    D-Mo has improved in every aspect of his play. He is bigger, stronger and faster than a year ago, and he has worked especially hard at his pass-rush technique. We are counting on a big year out of him, and I think his play in the first two games reflect his improvement.
    steve t.
    I am impressed with the Wildcats, how will you deal with
    TCU's star Ladainian Tomlinson.

    Randy Walker
    LT is truly a great back, and deserving of Heisman mention. As with any great player, you work to contain their effectiveness knowing that they will make some plays against you. The key is to reduce the number of big plays and work to ensure the other talented players on TCU's offense don't have big days, as well.
    Jon at 8:16pm ET
    How different is this year's TCU team relative to last year's team? Do they still rely on the option, and if so how well does our defense match up with option attacks?

    Randy Walker
    TCU returns almost intact from their WAC and Mobile Bowl championships of a year ago. They are very similar to the team they were in 1999, and as with all great programs they rely on things that have been successful for them in the past. We are certain to see a lot of option, as well as an attacking defense out of the Horned Frogs.
    Another great win, Coach! Compliments to you and your team for not only being the best but the best conditioned team on the field for two games straight.

    Could you briefly discuss NU's current and future RB situation with respect to all-star Damien Anderson, touchdown Kevin Lawrence, and young speedster Tori Stuckey? Would also very much appreciate any words you can give us on the progress of the promising futures of Dan Pohlman and Noah Herron.

    A "MickeyCat" contingent of fans will be in Ft. Worth to cheer you and the team on this weekend. Go Cats!

    Randy Walker
    We are very pleased with the performance of our running back group. Damien Anderson is off to a great start, and it is good to have Kevin Lawrence and Torri Stuckey emerge as quality players. Dan Pohlman and Noah Herron also have shown positive signs, and we look forward to their continued development.
    NU Fanatic
    Congrats on such a great start!!!! This great start should have a great impact on your next recruiting class. Where do you think the great start will put you in the recruiting wars, and would you allow a Div II transfer to play on your team?

    Randy Walker
    We feel that we are in good position with a number of quality recruits. The feedback we have received has been excellent, and certainly the 2-0 start helps build your case in the recruiting battles. Regarding transfers, we are always receptive to qualified student-athletes, but a release from the current institution is necessary before we can discuss a transfer's future at NU.
    John Luken
    Coach Walker:

    How much playing time do you expect Salem Simon to be able to handle Saturday?

    Also, any changes on the kickoff coverage team.

    Good luck. Stay cool. GO CATS!

    Randy Walker
    It is great to have Salem back in the lineup, we have taken a slow but steady approach to his return. Keeping this in mind, I would anticipate a limit of around 30 plays for him this weekend. As his conditioning level improves, we will increase his load on gameday.

    All right, everyone. Back to the films. Talk to you next week.