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    Listen to Northwestern Football...From 2,000 Miles Away!


    Aug. 21, 2000

    EVANSTON, Ill. - No matter how far away you live, you can always hear the live play-by-play of every Northwestern Wildcats game by calling TEAMLINE. Just dial 1-800-846-4700 and enter 1065 as your team code. Charge the call to your credit card and listen to every exciting play as it's broadcast live on your team's flagship radio station.

    You can listen as long as you like, and pay only for the time you listen. The longer you listen, the less you pay - as low as 15? per minute. Have a group of friends over and share the cost by listening on a speakerphone - the games will sound just like FM radio.

    If you are going to be a frequent user of TEAMLINE you can save up to 70% by ordering a pre-paid Telephone Season Ticket. For more information, or to order one now, call 1-800-846-4700 and choose option #5 from the main menu.

    You can call from any phone -- home, office, car, hotel, and even a pay phone. The 800 number works from anywhere in the Continental United States and Canada. If you want to call from outside of the U.S. or Canada you must dial 330-374-6300. You will pay the long distance cost from the country that you are calling from and only 25? per minute on your credit card. No matter where you are, even when traveling, TEAMLINE can get you into a front row seat for every game!

    TEAMLINE provides live coverage of over 500 college and professional sports teams. A portion of the proceeds from every call to TEAMLINE is paid to your team as a commission. For more information, with no obligation, call 1-800-846-4700 today!

    FOR NORTHWESTERN FOOTBALL ACTION, CALL 1-800-846-4700 ext. 1065

    The Cost of TEAMLINE
    TEAMLINE is a fund raiser for its member athletic teams. A percentage of every dollar generated is payed directly to its member teams before expenses.

    Using your Credit Card to pay on Game Day
    The cost is 50? per minute for the first hour then just 20? per minute for each additional minute on the same call. Charge the call to your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. Call from your home, office, hotel, or cell phone. You can even use a pay phone! Share the cost by listening over a speakerphone.

    TEAMLINE SEASON TICKET: Save between 50% and 70%
    Cost is as little as 15? per minute for every minute you listen Hang up and call back without penalty Quicker access - you don't have to enter a credit card The discount is locked in for the entire year. Add more minutes at any time. Call 800-846-4700 and choose option #5 to order your Season Ticket TODAY!

    How to keep your cost down
    1. If you are using a credit card and want to listen to the entire game, don't hang up during intermissions or halftimes! When you hang up and call back, you start over at the regular 50? per minute rate instead of the 20? per minute rate that you pay after the 1st hour.

    2. If you are going to call often (ie: more than six full games) get a TEAMLINE season ticket. The cost is as low as 15? per minute for every minute with no minimum charge so you can call in and hang up without penalty (plus the access to the game is much quicker).

    3. Get a group together and listen on a speakerphone or through your stereo system so you can split the cost.

    How to use a speakerphone with TEAMLINE
    1. Always call in using your hand set. Don't put it on speakerphone until you get connected to the game because noises in your room may keep our equipment from understanding your touchtones.

    2. Once you get connected to the game, put the speaker on BEFORE hanging up your handset! Then put the "mute" button ON or turn the "mic" button OFF if you have one. This will deactivate the microphone so noises in the room will not cut off the sound of the game.

    3. Finally, if you have call waiting you may hear the tones during the game. Don't panic. Just pick up the handset and take the incoming call by hitting the hook switch or flash button once. When you are finished with the incoming call, just hit the hook switch again and the game will still be there. Then follow step #2 [above] again.

    Calling TEAMLINE from outside the United States
    From outside the Continental United States and Canada you must dial direct (330-374-6300) to access TEAMLINE. You will pay your own long distance, from the country you are calling from, plus 25?/minute on your credit card. If your touchtones work, just follow the prompts to go to the game you want. If they don't work, just hold and a live operator will put you through.

    Why TEAMLINE is better than Internet Audio
    - Proceeds from TEAMLINE are paid to teams to support athletic programs.
    - Better sound quality.
    - More reliable service - no "net busy" or "net congestion" messages.
    - Faster Access.
    - Don't need a computer.
    - Can call from any telephone including Pay Phones and Cell Phones.
    - We cover more teams and more sports than any Internet Service.