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    Blog Entry #1 - August 17, 2009



    Aug. 17, 2009

    Hello all you Wildcat fans out there. I hope you are looking forward to a great season watching the 'Cats play in Ryan Field and around the country! I look forward to giving you the scoop on all that is going on here at Camp Kenosha this preseason.

    Before I get started on the work we have been doing in camp I wanted to let you know about a recent trip some of my teammates and I went on the week before camp started. Andrew Brewer, Mark Woodsum and I packed into a tiny Volkswagen Jetta and drove a grueling 16-hour trip up to Red Lake, Ontario. I think the others would agree that the drive was well worth it. We went to a fishing lodge for a quick four-day vacation. While there we got to sleep in, eat a lot, and go fishing-three things we don't normally get to do in Evanston :) With no weights to lift or open fields to run on we had to get creative with our workouts. I'm sure our strength coach, Larry Lilja, would be proud to hear we were using logs in place of medicine balls and gravel roads to get our run workouts in. The Canadian wilderness is unbelievably beautiful and it was just what we needed before we embarked on the rigors of preseason camp.

    We arrived in Kenosha after our first two-a-day practice on Saturday. For me this is my last camp Kenosha and I will say that this place has grown on me. It can be an intimidating time for incoming players but that is usually just because the upperclassmen are trying to give them a hard time and make them think it's a lot worse than it is. The truth is that Kenosha has great food, great people and most importantly, it is where we become a team. It is where we create our identity away from the distractions of Evanston and get ready to attack our upcoming season.

    Going into camp Kenosha I have to say there have been a few guys who have been really standing out during the first few practices we had in Evanston last week. In particular, Scott Concannon has been juking some of the defensive players out of their shorts with his quick cuts and explosive runs at running back. On the defensive side, linebacker Tyris Jones has been working his tail off in the kicking game and grabbing a few interceptions away from the offense. And of course I have to give props to my quarterback, Mike Kafka, who has been putting the ball right on the money all camp thus far. We are hoping to use that momentum from last week to have an even better week of practice this week and get one step closer to our opener on Sept. 5 against Towson.



    Be sure to check Zeke Speaks daily to stay in the loop about Camp Kenosha 2009. Thanks and Go 'Cats!