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    Camp Kenosha Photo Gallery

    Aug. 14, 2003

    Head coach Randy Walker talks with the Carthage head coach before practice begins.

    Defensive coordinator Greg Colby walks through the defense before stretching begins.

    Head athletic Tory Lindley (center) poses for the
    camera with athletic trainer Paul Diaz (right).

    Coach Jack Glowik times place-kicker Slade Larscheid.

    Grass or AstroPlay? It's AstroPlay, of course.

    Quarterback Brett Basanez looks for Jason Wright on the handoff.

    Equipment personnel retrieve the ball after a play.

    Carthage facilities.

    Head coach Randy Walker watches the play closely.

    Wide receiver coach Howard Feggins talks with his group during a break.

    Director of football operations Justin Chabot runs an idea past Coach Walker.

    Another shot of Carthage's facilities.

    The defense celebrates after a good play.

    Assistant equipment manager Pat Abbott walks off the field.

    Defensive line coach Jay Peterson directs the D-line before a play.