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    Northwestern Single-Game Tickets On Sale Thursday

    Single-game tickets for 2013 Northwestern Football go on sale Thursday.

    Single-game tickets for 2013 Northwestern Football go on sale Thursday.

    July 29, 2013

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    EVANSTON, Ill. -- Single-game tickets for 2013 Northwestern Wildcats football games at Ryan Field will go on sale Thursday, Aug. 1, at 10 a.m. CT. The sale will include an innovative pricing structure for Big Ten matchups with Ohio State and Michigan called 'Purple Pricing.'

    Debuted during the 2012-13 Northwestern basketball season in conjunction with Northwestern economics professor Jeff Ely and Kellogg School economist Sandeep Baliga, 'Purple Pricing' is a version of a Dutch Auction that ensures all fans pay the lowest market price.

    Beginning Aug. 1, fans can visit and either secure tickets for the Oct. 5 (Ohio State) and Nov. 11 (Michigan) games immediately at the posted price, or bid a lower value in the hope the price will decrease. All fans will pay the same low price, so there is no benefit to waiting to claim the best possible seats. Those who choose to buy at a higher price will be refunded the difference if the price decreases.



    Single-game tickets for Northwestern's five other home games (Sept. 7 vs. Syracuse; Sept. 14 vs. Western Michigan; Sept. 21 vs. Maine; Oct. 19 vs. Minnesota; Nov. 23 vs. Michigan State) also will be available at or by calling 888-GO-PURPLE.

    Northwestern football season tickets are available now by calling 888-GO-PURPLE and remain the only way to guarantee seats for all seven exciting home games at Ryan Field.

    Purple Pricing FAQs
    Q: What is Purple Pricing?
    A: Purple Pricing is a version of a Dutch Auction developed in conjunction with a pair of Northwestern economists. It ensures that all fans will pay the lowest market price.

    Q: Why is Northwestern using Purple Pricing?
    A: In today's ticketing industry, more and more fans are bypassing the primary ticketing channel and purchasing tickets for high demand games at elevated prices through secondary ticket web sites. Purple Pricing allows us to find the ideal intersection between price and demand, protect ticket buyers, and continue to support our 19 varsity programs to the best of our ability.

    Q: What is the difference between Buying and Bidding?
    A: Customers may "Buy" tickets anytime at the current Purple Price -- online, over the phone, or at the Box Office. A "Bid" will be accepted on-line only via Customers are not guaranteed tickets at their Bid price.

    Q: If I choose to buy tickets, and the price goes down, what happens?
    A: You will be refunded the difference. All fans will pay the same lowest price that the market determines. It does not matter how one purchases.

    Q: If the price is changing, can it go up?
    A: No. The price you see listed at is the highest possible price you can pay. The price may go down, but it will never go up.

    Q: How are changes in the ticket price decided?
    A: Consumer demand will determine how prices are lowered.

    Q: How often will the price be lowered?
    A: The price will be lowered based on the demand for tickets. Pricing will be continually updated on

    Q: How do I know how much my ticket will cost?
    A: Fans that secure tickets will be notified via email of the final price. You will never pay more than what you chose to bid, and you will be refunded the difference if the price goes down.

    Q: Are all tickets subject to Purple Pricing?
    A: All single-game tickets for the Ohio State and Michigan games will be subject to Purple Pricing.

    Q: Does Purple Pricing change the way I purchase tickets?
    A: Yes. We have created a website at to comprehensively explain the program and guide buyers through the process. Ultimately all of the data captured during the ticket buying process will be routed through the standard NU ticketing system.

    Q: Are there any extra fees for Purple Pricing?
    A: All fans that choose to bid through Purple Pricing will be charged a non-refundable fee of $0.75. This is to ensure that the credit card is valid. If the bid is successful, this fee will be rolled into the overall cost of the transaction. If the bid is not, the fee is non-refundable.

    Q: How many tickets can I purchase?
    A: All single-game ticket buyers will be limited to four tickets per game.


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