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    May 29, 2013

    Attention Northwestern Football Fans:

    The time has arrived for the 2013 Northwestern Gridiron Network Spring Auction, which is set for 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 1 at Soldier Field in Chicago.

    This year's auction once again offers online registration and bidding for your convenience. Fans can preview the entire auction catalogue (live auction and silent auction). However, please note that no online bids may be made on live auction items.

    Click here to access the entire 2013 NGN Auction listing.

    Individuals planning to attend the auction in person may also pre-register their mobile device to facilitate bidding on Saturday evening as well as to place initial bids before Saturday.

    Please see below for details on how to place electronic auction bids:

    • Follow the link above and click 'Register.'

    • You will receive a welcome text message offering three ways to bid:

    1. By Text: Text the 3-digit item number and the amount you are bidding. For example, if you are bidding on item 201, you will text "201 1000" (no dollar signs or decimals)

    2. By Smartphone or iPad: Click the link and enter your registration text. It will take you to a personal bidding page where you may click on an item and place a bid. When bidding in this fashion, you have an added option of being able to enter a "maximum bid," which will be the top amount you are willing to pay for an item. In this method, if you are outbid by another bidder, the system will take automatic action on your behalf by placing an automatic incremental bid to again make you the top bidder. This process continues until either you are the final top bidder or the bidding goes over the maximum bid you have entered.



    3. In person: Please direct questions on the evening of the event to members of the ABC staff who will be wearing red shirts. They will be happy to assist in the placement of bids.


    • You will be invoiced for the total amount of the winning bid and the shipping charges necessary to send your item to you. We are unable to hold items on a "will call" basis. Please take this into consideration when using the online bidding process.

    In the event you have any questions about the bidding process, please seek assistance by email at

    On behalf of the Northwestern Football program and the Northwestern Gridiron Network, we urge you to take this opportunity to join us in this great annual event.

    Go Cats!

    The Northwestern Gridiron Network