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    Dec. 20, 2007

    Recap |  Box Score

    Head Coach Bill Carmody Postgame Quotes

    Opening Statement... "It's nice after exams to have some energy. Howard had some guys that didn't suit up tonight, but I like the energy level we came out with. Our defense got us going and got some points for us. It's always good coming out of exams to play with any kind of pluck and being able to get everyone in the game it always makes you feel good. Our execution in the first half was good. We missed some easy things, but our defense kept us in there and we scored on that a little bit."

    On how NU played tonight... "I told them at halftime that Howard has a depleted squad and when you're moving the ball really quickly you can get some open shots early and then there's some hesitancy. They were just a little hesitant because they could get shots so quickly. It's a hard thing to feel out when you get open so early."

    On Howard... "I don't know what the story (with Howard) is, but I know at least two starters are missing so it's rough. I've known Gil (Jackson) for a long time and I wore this (Christmas) tie because he usually has a bow tie on and I was trying to show him up. He's a good guy and just has a tough situation with whatever is going on over there."

    On Kevin Coble... "Right now we're planning on having him here after Christmas for a week practicing. He'll be back on Dec. 27 or Dec. 28 and we'll practice then. I don't think he knew or we knew too much so all along it's been a fluid situation and he feels comfortable about coming back right after Christmas. "

    On the season thus far... "We did pretty well. We had some bad losses losing to Brown--we shouldn't have lost to Brown. At DePaul we could've won on their home court, but didn't. It was a close game. We haven't played the best teams and tonight was hard to judge because Gil's team was depleted, but the guys seem to be moving the ball well and having fun and that's important to me."