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    Post Game Quotes, Northwestern vs. Wheaton



    Dec. 14, 2006

    Recap |  Box Score

    Northwestern Men's Basketball
    Wheaton (Ill.) vs. Northwestern
    December 14, 2006
    Postgame quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody On Wheaton wanting the game more than his team...
    "It was a big game for (Wheaton). I mentioned outside how this was a very similar game to the one against Cornell. They were actually not that unlike Western Michigan; some guys that can shoot and spread you out a little bit if you give them the chance. At one point in the first half it was 16-5. Then we started taking quick shots. We would take a quick shot, and then play defense for 30 seconds. It looked like each guy was trying to score, score, score in the first half and it was bad. I thought our defense was fine."

    On rebounding...
    "There were a lot of opportunities. They missed a lot of shots; 25 misses or something like that. They had 10 offensive rebounds and our center didn't get any of them. The whole team was just out of kilter. We had three good practices. There was just no carry-over tonight. We were up 16-5 and Wheaton continued to play very hard and we gave them a chance."

    On Craig Moore taking only six shots...
    "They were all over him. They were just determined to stop that, so he was not going to get 23-25 points. Somebody else had to step up. I was disappointed with our seniors, that's for sure. I thought the best time for our offense was when I put (Tim) Doyle at center. We got an open look in the corner for Kevin (Coble) and he knocked it down. A big play was when Sterling (Williams) threw the ball it to Timmy (Doyle) for a layup. Besides that it was just very disappointing."

    Wheaton Head Coach Bill Harris Opening Statement
    "I want to thank Northwestern, coach Carmody and his staff for giving us this opportunity. For us, this is a big deal. It's one thing to be rated in the Top 20 in Division III. As an athlete, you want a challenge and you want an opportunity and I think that coach Carmody and his staff were very, very gracious. I know that it's hard to get the team focused on a Division III team between Western Michigan and Stanford and then going to San Juan. I want to express my appreciation for the opportunity he gave our program and our kids and I'm thankful for that."



    On Wheaton's offense in the second half...
    "We shot 16 percent. We were 1-for-9 shooting three's in the second half and we're averaging almost 40 percent from the arc. Part of that is the pressure from their extended zone, but we just can't win games going 1-for-9 in the second half. We had a two-point lead at the half. I thought that if we got the same looks, we'd win the game. So, I'm disappointed on that end of the floor though I will say that I'm appreciative of the patience."

    On preparing for the game...
    "We put a lot of work into the scouting of this game. Northwestern is so efficient and they're so used to coming down to those last two minutes with the game in the balance and they handle it well. I will say I'm very pleased with how we played defensively. We worked really hard on denying back door cuts. And I know they do a great job of taking that hard dribble and having the man he's going towards go back door and we worked on that and we worked on that. It's 180 degrees from the way we play normally. So, it took us four or five practices to get there. I'm very pleased with the way they played and obviously, we did a great job on the glass also. We didn't quite get it done."

    On Wheaton's play after being down 11 points in the first half...
    "They go up seven, 11, or something like that. You can't just come down and take the quick shot because that's what they're baiting you in to. The problem is we came down and were very efficient with our shots. We just couldn't get one in the basket. Defense will keep you in the game when you're not shooting the ball and we did not shoot the ball well tonight. Our defense and rebounding kept us in the basketball game."

    On the last shot of the game...
    "We could've probably gone for the tie if we got the foul because we were in the bonus. But I just thought, on the road, over our heads a little bit, let's go for the win. I thought we'd get a good look. We did get a pretty good look and the ball just didn't go down."