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    Northwestern vs. Western Michigan



    Dec. 9, 2006

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    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement...
    "Again, it just seems like every game we are fortunate to win. It seemed like a series of runs all night long. We were up seven, and they were up seven. They looked pretty good at the end. We had some real inopportune turnovers. They missed a foul shot and got the rebound. My assistants told me to put (Ivan) Tolic in there for the rebound, but I said no. They were right and I was wrong, but I don't know if he would've gotten it. Jeff (Ryan) and Kevin (Coble) are freshmen, but they have to learn and you can't take them out in every difficult situation. I thought we played pretty well offensively in the second half except for the turnovers. We were only averaging eight to 10 turnovers, but we had a lot tonight, and many were at bad times. Vince (Scott) helped us to start the second half by knocking down a shot or two. The offense was running pretty smoothly with him in there. (Western Michigan) is a good team. They beat Virginia Tech and San Diego State; I saw those guys play and I never want to play them. That team is going to win a lot of games. They are very well coached. "

    On running more offensive plays for Kevin Coble and Craig Moore...
    "We were trying to do that. We tried to get some drives for Kevin. A couple he made on his own that had nothing to do with coaching. With Moore, there have been some things we have tried to do to set him up. When you get Tim (Doyle) down in the low post, they were triple teaming him and he was still finding guys. You just have to make sure those passes are right, because so many of them get deflected. He didn't have a good game but he passed the ball well and found guys."

    On playing in another close game...
    "We have been in a lot of close games and I feel fortunate. I hope we continue to play in them. We have some big games coming up, and if we are close to some of these teams it will be good for us."

    On Kevin Coble taking a step forward with his play...
    "He played well. He really came through in the second half. He has a wide range of shots and got to the basket a little bit. He is a little quicker than you think and he has courage."

    Western Michigan Head Coach Steve Hawkins

    Opening statement...
    "This one is a tough one for us to take. We've had three true road games so far this year. We lost to Indiana State by two and they have a nice team. We lost to Temple the other night by five and we had a nine-point lead in the second half there. Everyone saw what happened tonight, but I'm very proud of our kids' effort."

    On making substitutions when players got into foul trouble...
    "One of the things I feel good about is that we have a lot of depth. The kids that come in, I'm just as confident in them as I am with the kids that start the ballgame, especially Joe (Reitz). When Reitz gets in trouble we go to a freshman in Donald Lawson who did a wonderful job tonight defensively. Also Dan Hess, this was his first game back since the first game and the first he played any minutes at all because of a shoulder problem. Joe gives us something inside in terms of a scoring presence and he gives us tenacity inside that is tough for other kids to give us now, and that hurts. We were scrambling to keep people out of foul trouble and get people minute and give them a breath while trying to chase the Princeton offense."

    On his defensive game plan...
    "The plan was to guard the basket. We did not want to give up backdoor lay-ups. We wanted to make them beat us from three and in the second half they warmed up. We wanted them to take check shots over outstretched arms. If they beat us from three while we check their shots we'll shake their hand and say "nice game", but we didn't want to give up backdoor lay-ups. Also with (Tim) Doyle and how crafty he is inside, we didn't want to give that away either. We did a lot of switching and when they posted up Doyle any of their guards we trapped and got the ball out of there. In the first half it worked pretty good, but we fell short and that's the bottom line."