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    Dec. 1, 2007

    Recap |  Box Score

    Northwestern Men's Basketball
    Dec. 1, 2007
    Northwestern 68, Savannah State 58
    Post Game Quotes

    Northwestern head coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement...
    "It's just good to get a win. It's your first win against a Division I team and we didn't even know it was going to happen until the buzzer went off. I was going to scrap the 1-3-1 zone because everyone's been ripping it apart and I'm glad that I waited one more day because we got our hands on a million balls tonight. If we hadn't, who knows because I know he forced a lot of turnovers. We turned it over ourselves because that team came out and played hard from the very get go. They were ready to play. Coach Broadnax had them ready to play. They took us out of our stuff and we were very fortunate. We came through with some big shots that we needed and they did to. It seemed like if we didn't turn them over, they scored. It seemed between [Anthony Jones] and [inaudible], they started heating up. They weren't taking that many long shots in the first half, but going down they did and they knocked some down. Again, it's just nice to get a W."

    On possibly changing the defensive scheme...
    "I don't know if it really suits us. It's good when you have these Croatian guys that are long and Mohamed [Hachad] who was long and gangly and that's why we went to it five years ago. Those guys were average man-to-man players but they played the passing lanes and you had to throw it over them. Now you're throwing it over [Jason] Okrzesik and [Craig] Moore and it's different. So I think we might have to change that zone up and go to a 2-3 or a 1-2-2, but we didn't really have that much time to do it so I stuck with it. [Savannah State] was only averaging about four made threes a game."

    On the play of Michael Thompson...
    "He had a couple of nice drives early. They weren't gimmies, but he usually makes those and they didn't go in and then he missed a couple here and there and turned the ball over. It's not too often that he's playing against little fast guys and they were going after him, to their credit. They persevered and coach [Broadnax] played about 10 or 12 guys and he has them all playing about 14 minutes a game so they were fresh."



    On practicing offense and defense...
    "I basically did offense without defense the past few days, not too much scrimmaging, just executing and running your stuff and knowing where you're going. When you have freshmen, [Michael] Thompson gets it but [Mike] Capocci is still thinking out there so it slows things down a little bit. We spend a lot of time on defense and just trying to play passing lanes."

    Savannah State Head Coach Horace Boardnax

    Opening Statement...
    "I was talking to Bill [Carmody] at the end of the game, and he said, 'You did a good job, I know it's tough for you,'. I said, 'I know it's tough for you,' because I know he wants to compete for the Big Ten, and we are Independent. I thought his kids ran their offense and did what they needed to do to win. We didn't do exactly what we needed to do at the end of the game and at the beginning of the second half. Both of our point guards turned the ball over when we had an opportunity to keep the game close. Bill is going to play a slow-down game, or what we like to call the Princeton offense, so it's not necessarily going to be an up-tempo game, and we thought that we could use that to our favor, but we shot the ball a little bit quick on the offensive end in their zone. [Carmody] did a really good job zoning us and making us shoot the ball and turn it over. They won based on what they do."

    On his team's play in the second half...
    "I was just trying to tie the second half. That's all I told my guys, I said, 'Let's go out here and tie.' And then we turned the ball over on the first possession. I've got to be patient. It's probably tougher for Bill, because eventually people around here are not going to be patient because they want to win because they've got resources, but I don't think they've got the same resources as Michigan and Michigan State have. But me as a coach I have to be patient with these guys. We have a lot of freshman; this is my third year here. We still have got bring a few pieces in here to try to be better. We turned it over, and got down by 10 points. We had a stretch there where we could have cut it to three, just some communication problems with my guys and myself. On that last possession they were gambling when they should have just stayed home. I think [Craig Moore] got loose in the corner, it's almost like déjà vu against Colorado, they had us down by three, and a guy got loose in the corner again. We were gambling, and we have to go back to the drawing table."