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    Northwestern 61, Miami 59



    Nov. 28, 2006

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    Northwestern Men's Basketball
    Miami, Fla. vs. Northwestern
    November 28, 2006
    Postgame quotes

    Coach Carmody quotes

    Opening Statement
    "We're just happy for the win, especially with the way we played the other night against North Florida. I thought we came out with a little more pizzazz tonight. It was good to see Moore make some shots. He's capable of doing that. He can't carry a team, but for one game he can. If he's shooting like that, that helps us out in so many ways. They were playing zone against us and somebody's got to knock them down. And he did and then Okrzesik hit one and then Jeff Ryan hit one and finally forced them out of that and that helped us."

    On establishing game tempo...
    "We had to do that because we can't go up and down with those guys. They're good players and we have good players too. But that would suit them and I just mentioned outside that when they've won, the scores were high, and when they've lost this year, they've been like this. We knew going in we had to do that. I was very happy. Actually, they had 14 points early and I said 'Fellows, this can't happen. We've got to really crack down here and use our offense. I don't know how much we can defend them but use your offense to establish some tempo'."

    On the missed free throws at the end of the game...
    "Every different guy - Doyle, Coble, Okrzesik, Moore. Every single guy so what are you going to do. You've got to make them. You're up by eight or ten and you know (McClinton)'s going to be knocking down some three's."

    On Craig Moore's play...
    "He shot extremely well today in shoot-around and he shot well yesterday. There's more air under the ball. It's not that line drive. It was good to see."

    Miami (Fla.) Head Coach Frank Haith

    Opening statement...
    "I am very proud of how hard our kids fought to get back into the game. Early in the game Northwestern did a good job with the 1-3-1 zone. We were a little too passive in the first half. I thought we were more aggressive in the second half. In a game like tonight against Northwestern you do not get a lot of offensive possessions. There were some possessions were they scored late in the shot clock or we fouled them and allowed them to have the ball for another 35 seconds. They went to the free throw line late in the shot clock a couple of times as well. (Jeremy) Nash banked a three-point shot in, and they made another three in the corner. We had poor execution. You have to give Northwestern credit; they made shots and those plays. In a game like tonight you cannot afford to have those kind of plays if you want to win the game. We still had a chance to win it at the end. (Jack McClinton's) shot was a good look. He made a couple of deep threes earlier in the game. We decided to go for the win."



    On getting slowed down by Northwestern's style of play...
    "They do that to a lot of teams. You can look at earlier in the year when they played DePaul. DePaul is a high level team and they scored 39 points. I thought we did a pretty good job scoring 20 more points than they did. They now have gone to that 1-3-1 zone primarily. If they played more match-up zone we could attack them a little more. The 1-3-1 takes your post guys away, and that really hurt us. We like to involve our post guys in our offense and they did a good job of taking that away."

    On getting back to the basketball court after his nephew's tragic death...
    "It was a tough week. The first time I talked to my team about everything was tonight. The basketball part of this was good for me. Just being with my team was good for me. We just have to continue to work through it."