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    Nov. 21, 2006

    Recap |  Box Score

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement . . .
    "I'm happy the game is over, because I don't like playing guys I like a lot. We try not to schedule them, but this one just happened. The game reminded me of Cornell. We jumped out 16-7 and then we just lost it. Tonight it was 16-4, but we maintained our defense and we hit a few shots early on. [Kevin] Coble hit a shot to start the game, then Craig Moore hit one, and Okrzesik came in and hit a couple. We got a lead, and we felt pretty secure then. Our guys seemed to play with confidence. (Brown head coach Craig Robinson) has got some young guys and he's trying to teach them, and it's tough. That he got a win against Providence is just unbelievable and I'm really happy for him."

    On preparing for a similar team in Brown . . .
    "We worked against our own stuff for two days. It's hard to guard, so I was nervous. That (Providence) win didn't make me feel any better. I was happy for them, but I think that might have woken up our guys a little bit, too."

    On the play of senior Tim Doyle . . .
    "I think all the guys are moving pretty well for the first 10 minutes. Tim (Doyle) had the ball and he's a playmaker. The guy can make plays. Tonight he was finding the guys around the basket for some lay-ups and he finished some off himself. It was a good night for him and he should play like that all the time. It was a very good game for Timmy. He took control and made sure we won the game. That's the way I saw it."

    On the performance from the younger players . . .
    "We are averaging eight turnovers in our first three games and we had seven at halftime. We only had 12 for the game and a few offensive fouls on our center, but I was disappointed in that. When the young guys get in there, I want to make sure they know what they're doing-know your plays and execute them. Shots going in and not going in don't bother me that much, when you have a lead like that of course. Coble hit the three to start the game and a couple nice post-moves in the second half. Jeff Ryan, it's hard to keep in front of that guy. He's pretty tall but he's fast and he's a pretty good dribbler. Then Jeremy came in and I thought he did fine, too. Those guys have got to get some minutes so that they're used to playing that's all. It's not practice anymore."



    Brown Head Coach Craig Robinson

    Opening statement ...
    "This was clearly a case of the teacher spanking the pupil. I have to take my hat off to (Bill Carmody). It once again showed that Bill is a great coach, not that it took much coaching to outplay us. They looked good. We didn't come ready to play and we could see it. Our guys are still learning. We had a big win on Saturday and we took it for granted. Unfortunately, we can't be really hard on them because we have three of our best guys who aren't playing. Not that I'm making any excuses, but we just weren't ready to play. "

    On his teams' play ...
    "We just played a bad game. We're having a tough time right now and I take most of the blame. We have to figure out some stuff to get (Marcus Becker) going and we'll take the blame for that. We've got to address it and get something done for the next game."

    On missing Mark MacDonald ...
    "The take on it is that after the first seven minutes of the game we were so far behind that we were playing desperately, and then when we cut it down to eight or to seven we turned the ball over. Clearly, 20 turnovers are too many and a lot of them were unforced errors, so it's sort of like a snowball effect. But I don't think that not having Mark MacDonald has anything to do with us turning the ball over."