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    Northwestern vs. Mississippi Valley State Quotes



    Nov. 15, 2012

    Recap |  Box Score

    Northwestern vs. Mississippi Valley State
    Postgame Quotes
    Nov. 15, 2012
    Welsh-Ryan Arena

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement...
    "I thought we started the game pretty nicely. It looked like we were going to get a little lead there, we just missed a couple layups. Sobo [Dave Sobolewski] drove in and threw it off the glass pretty hard, and Alex [Marcotullio] missed a couple easy things there, and then all those foul shots. So you can go from up six, seven, eight to up 13, to the point where you don't think they can compete. But we just let them hang around. That was my feeling at half. Then they gained confidence, and 0 [Davon Usher] was just making shots and we weren't able to contain him. In the second half, it was hard fought, as you all saw. They had a little stretch where they were overplaying us, and we got some easy shots. Sobo came through with some shots, and these guys [Jared Swophshire and Reggie Hearn] both played pretty decently. We've just got to figure out who is going to be a stopper for us, because that was just too much. We had 40 points at half, which is enough, but they had 38. So it was our defense there. Basically, it was the one kid [Usher], and also the big guy inside [Julius Francis] had his way in the first half also. He had seven or nine points, but he was getting the ball too deep on us. It is all stuff we can work on, I am just glad we came through in the last six minutes or so. We were just a little tighter on everything we were doing. We weren't shooting quickly, we were making them guard us a little bit better."

    On the performance of Jared Swopshire...
    "Well, he's a versatile guy. I don't know the stats, but he did a lot in every category; all the categories, including turnovers. You know, he fills up the stat sheet, this guy. He makes big plays, made some nice passes, and there is a calmness about him that I like that is good for the team."



    On the benefits of a scare early in the season...
    "The guys don't feel good about the win, and there's a lot of things to work on, and that's good. You know, we have been trying to stress defense a little bit, and I thought we were doing ok. But, sometimes when you let a guy out of the bag like that - and we knew he was a very good shooter - but you let a guy out of the bag and it's tough to put him back in. He was just feeling it."