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    Nov. 14, 2006

    Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

    Northwestern Head Coach Carmody

    Opening Statement
    "Quite a change from the other night. You lose to Cornell and you beat DePaul. It's crazy. In the first half both teams had opportunities, it seemed to me, and nobody capitalized. We had some shots. They had some easy shots. So it was just a four-point game at half. We came out and got a nice little run there to start the second half and sort of kept that. Again, I thought that they had some pretty good opportunities; some pretty good shots and they weren't falling. I think we played pretty decently but there's so much to work on it's just unbelievable. I think we're just a little fortunate. It seemed like both teams were tired out there. I don't know what it was. We made a couple of baskets there when they were putting the pressure on us and we had a couple of bad possessions. The 35-second clock and the shot where they blocked Timmy's little hook shot at the buzzer. So we were pretty worn out. But then we were fortunate enough to get a couple of easy ones in there with Okrzesik and somebody else. I think Okrzesik threw it to Timmy for a lay-up and that sort of opened it up. And then Moore hit a big shot there from the wing. I know Jerry's teams from (UNC) Wilmington and we had some great games back East and his teams always improve and get better and better. And I know this team will also."

    On giving up only 5 turnovers during the entire game...
    "We had two at half and I was really happy. We got shots, although we were getting down to five seconds so they were almost turnovers, three or four of them. The good thing about that is they take it out of bounds and they're not running on you. So it's not like a turnover where it's a stolen pass and a lay-up. They're not getting anything out of it and we can set our defense."

    On Moore's play and Okrzesik coming off the bench...
    "I've been disappointed with his play most of the preseason. Actually, Okrzesik, I told him, has outplayed him. I like Jason coming off the bench. He gives you a little scoring punch, a little spunk. It was time. (Moore) is a good player and it was time for him to come through so he hit a nice three."



    DePaul Head Coach Wainwright

    Opening statement
    "We're struggling a little bit right now, and I want to commend (Coach Carmody), he's a good friend and a good coach. They do what they do, and with one day prep, we did the best we could to guard them. I thought we did a pretty good job, to tell you the truth. We don't have a lot of confidence in our offense right now. Our shooting has been abysmal, and I thought that would be a strength. When you give up 49 points, even against a team that plays a slower pace, we surely had enough opportunities. They made a couple of big shots, especially off of scrambles, and they got their spurt at the right time of the game. It doesn't get any easier for us. This is a tough time of the year for us. I thought we would bounce back from a tough game Saturday. I knew starting the season with two games on the road would be a challenge for our kids, and right now we're not playing with a lot of confidence, so maybe home court will help us do that."

    On Northwestern's adjustments from early in the first half . . .
    "(The first half) is the time when you get some distance. We turned the ball over, and I think a lot of them were unforced. The kids were making a lot of adjustments in their game. We had a chance there to build some points and get a team out of what they want to do, but the game was still relatively close. The first half was a half where I thought we needed to distance ourselves, and we didn't because we didn't take care of the basketball."

    On preparing for the season. . .
    "What's happening in college basketball is that they've moved the season up, but they haven't moved practice up. This is the shortest pre-practice we've had with games coming up. Two different styles with Bradley's roadrunners, coach Carmody's Princeton offense, and we are in finals and everything. All this hit at once. We are a shaken team. We're a team right now that needs to find an identity. We had a paper identity that was last year's team, and we finished strong. We're not a real confident group right now and it is a tough prep. I thought on the defensive end we did a good job, but obviously we only had so much time to prepare last night, and we didn't do a very good job offensively."