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    Northwestern vs. Texas Southern Postgame Quotes



    Nov. 13, 2012

    Recap |  Box Score

    Northwestern vs. Texas Southern
    Welsh-Ryan Arena
    November 13, 2012
    Postgame Quotes

    Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement...
    "I liked our defense out there tonight, I thought we played pretty nicely. We kept our bodies in front of our men pretty well. I thought the team defesne was pretty good, also. Drew [Crawford] got hot in the first half, which pushed the game open. I don't think our defense in the second half was quite as good. I like the way [Reggie] Hearn and [Jared] Swopshire were playing defense and rebounding. You could see that my big guys are freshmen, Alex [Olah] and Chier [Ajou], who was in there for the last eight or nine minutes. They're a little anxious but they're going to help us. Alex had seven rebounds, he seemed to be in there and if he didn't get the rebound he was at least knocking them around. For a first game, I think it was pretty nice. We got a lot of guys in there. We just have to figure out our rotation and what we're going to do and I hope it sorts itself out."

    On Kale Abrahamson...
    "He can make shots. He has to calm down too. He's excitable also. He gives you a different dimension out there. He's fast so he's going to make shots and they're going to guard him but he's going to get a lot of layups back."

    On choosing not to redshirt Chier Ajou...
    "He's been playing well. I think we're going to need him and I think he's going to help us. He's 7 feet tall and he's long. We just have to get him in playing shape so he can go for more than four minutes at a time. When he got the ball, he couldn't wait to make a move. If he is a facilitator when he's in there, he's going to be pretty good. Eventually, as I told him, it'll be obvious when it's your turn to score. It's a hard thing to learn."