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    Northwestern vs. Penn State - Postgame Quotes



    March 7, 2013

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    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement...
    "We started both halves very poorly and still were able to get back in it and go ahead by one. I think we were up one, and they went man to man, and Reggie [Hearn] had a very nice cut. The ball was delivered a little late. We bobbled it and didn't get it and then they came down and scored. We just never again were able to get over the hump there. We had a couple drives from Dave [Sobolewski] and weren't successful. We weren't able to stop them from anything. Penn State made plays with different guys and made shots when they had to make shots. They called timeout and set a pick on our top guy in the 1-3-1 and I think it was [D.J.] Newbill that knocked down a shot. We were a little late contesting it. It's just very disappointing. The first half I can see it because of the emotions of Senior Night. The second half wasn't good. We just weren't able to establish anything inside. Against the zone, we had some pretty good looks early on. They blocked Al (Alex Olah) a couple times in there and it just didn't get much better."

    On the seniors...
    "Both of these guys, since they came here, have played with a passion and wanted to prove, and both of them did. Alex [Marcotullio] has been hampered by his back for a couple years and really hasn't practiced that much, so it was good to see him knock down some shots. Reggie's [Hearn] story has been told and about me being dumb and not playing him for two years. Both of them are good players and very good teammates, and we're going to miss them."

    On the team's interior defense down the stretch...
    "It's a whole team thing. There probably just wasn't enough pressure on the ball. That's what we kept saying during timeouts. There has to be pressure on the passer so that they can't see it. A lot of times it's three of our guys against one of theirs in a trap. We have to get some deflections and hands on passes. They got the ball inside on us."

    Penn State Head Coach Patrick Chambers

    On Penn State's first Big Ten road win...
    "I'm happy for the kids because after losing to Minnesota the way we did, human nature sets in. You don't know if they're going to come back on Monday, if you're going to get them the next three days. They never gave up; they just wanted to get better. I give Northwestern a lot of credit. I've never seen injuries like this in my entire life. The way they continued to compete and play and stay in games, that's credit to Coach Carmody."

    On Northwestern's defense...
    "It really depends on foul trouble for them [Northwestern] and it depends on what we're doing. We were doing a pretty good job on the man, the 1-3-1 messed us up. It definitely did. [Alex] Marcotullio is terrific on top. [Reggie] Hearn does an incredible job at getting from elbow exteneded to the block. [Dave] Sobolewski is frighteningly scary at the bottom because he's so tough, but we composed ourselves and got some stops on that end."

    On Marcotullio's performance...
    "It's Senior Night and I had a feeling Marcotullio would get it going. Percentage-wise, he hasn't been shooting at a great clip so you knew one of them was going to get it going. We knew he'd do a better job and Coach Carmody did a great job finding Marcotullio within his offense."