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    Postgame Quotes: Northwestern vs. Minnesota



    March 4, 2006

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    Northwestern vs. Minnesota
    March 4, 2006
    NU Coach Bill Carmody
    Postgame Quotes

    Opening Statement
    "It's good to get a win after the loss on Wednesday night. I didn't know how we'd respond as a team and I thought we came out pretty nicely. They came out in a 2-3 zone, which I expected. I felt we passed the ball very nicely and made a few shots in the first half."

    On first-half offense...
    "I thought Vedran was passing the ball very nicely. We got the ball in the high-post a lot and found Vince and Bernard, we just didn't finish some shots."

    On taking care of the ball...
    "We can't turn the ball over. We had five turnovers at the half and if we don't finish with 10, we probably win the game. We only had three in the second half, which was good."

    On postseason possibilities...
    "I haven't thought about it. I really haven't. You try to win as many games as you can and at the end, they tell you, you're in the NIT, you're this or you're that. You play and you play to win."

    Early thoughts about playing Penn State (in the Big Ten tournament on Thursday)...
    "They play the 2-3 zone the whole game. They've played it all year so they play it well. They have a few very good shooters and their inside guys finish things. They're under-sized but they're very athletic. When they get the ball down low, they finish it off. They put the ball in the basket."

    Dan Monson
    Minnesota Head Coach

    Opening Statement:
    "Well, I think when you're playing Northwestern a key is that they're so good at controlling tempo and when they've got a lead they go from good to great. They were in control of the tempo for the majority of the game and we had to play from behind. I thought our guys battled to get back, to tie it, but you've got to get a lead against teams that play with the style that Northwestern does and we just couldn't get a lead. I thought our guys played...did a lot of good things, but again, you go on the road in the Big Ten and good doesn't do it and we just didn't get it done."



    On the strategy coming out of the timeout with twelve seconds left:
    "We didn't know what defense they were going to be in. We were trying to penetrate and kick and create offensive penetration...five guards, four guards and (Dan Coleman) and I said, 'Don't be afraid to win it with a three here.' They can't foul you on the penetration, we're in the double bonus, so take it hard into the gap and if you can get it to the rim, great, but if not, kick it out and I thought we got it. I think he maybe rushed it a hair but it was a good look. On the road you can't mess around."

    On the first half defense:
    "Well, we started in a zone and I thought the zone was good. I thought we broke when we went man to take some time to go against that offense. I thought our last five or six minutes of the first half was our only time defensively that we lapsed a little bit and again they were able to really hurt us. I thought defensively by and large we played pretty good, especially in the second half and the first ten minutes of the game I think they only had ten points maybe in ten minutes. The problem was we only had about five or six. We knew that coming in, that we would take a while to get comfortable. We got comfortable finally offensively, but again you're playing from behind so much."

    On the goaltending call:
    "I did not think it was a goaltend, but again, it's a different angle. He made a call and that's how it is on the road."