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    March 3, 2010

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    Northwestern 72, Chicago State 49
    March 3, 2010
    Postgame Quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement ...
    "We haven't played that well lately, so this is a game where you can get some guys in there, get some valuable minutes. So, you know, Davide [Curletti] played some minutes, different guys played some minutes, Alex [Marcotullio], although he's been playing. You know, Alex played very, very well for us. He was instrumental in a lot of our games before the conference season started, and then he sort of hit an area where he wasn't playing with confidence, so it was really good to see him playing tonight. Not only making shots, but he got his hands and his feet on some balls at the top of the zone, with a nice steal there at the end of the game. We get a chance to play again, because we have to start playing well, and I thought our defense did very well in the second half. I don't know what they shot, but they didn't shoot well. We were just more active, I thought [John] Shurna was much more active in there, too. It was important for us to get a win, to see if we can build something here, because we got a tough game and we have not played well on the road, and so now we have to go to Indiana and play them."

    On the play of Alex Marcotullio ...
    "He was just playing ball. He knows how to play. You try to help him, he gets extra shots, he works hard. You know, some times freshmen wear down, and they wear down mentally. I didn't think it was the case with him, but he's been getting minutes pretty much. How many minutes are you getting a game, like 15 minutes. Yeah, so he's been getting minutes, and tonight he delivered. We're just waiting for him. You can't do any one thing; you can hit him on the tail and say, 'Come on, kid.' It's got to come from within. You've got to break out of slumps on your own, mostly. Unless there is something technical involved, and there's nothing there. I hope that can help us in the next couple weeks."

    On the status of Drew Crawford ...
    "He's got this hip flexor thing. It's high, high, well, you know where the hip is, I guess. So he has a hard time. He's just having a hard time. Even tonight a couple times I took him out because when he stretched he had a sharp pain, and so we got him out of there. So he's struggling a little bit because of that, and his lower back's bothering him. You know, you get beat up from playing for four months in this conference, but he is fighting through it, so I hope that he'll be okay."

    On the progression of the program ...
    "You know, this is Alex's first year, and he's got 19 wins. And he knows about the history here, with not much success, but his first year here we had 19 wins. And then all the guys that are sophomores, and there's a bunch of them, their first year they had 17 wins and now this year 19 wins. And then you've got a guy like Jeremy Nash, who started off and it wasn't very good, but he's capping it out with 17 and 19 wins, and whatever else happens. So I think it's moving nicely, and we want to keep winning. We only lose one guy. As important as that guy is, I think things are looking up."

    Senior guard Jeremy Nash

    On what he will remember from tonight...
    "Three turnovers, for myself. That was pretty bad. We came out kind of sluggish. We tried to put an emphasize on pushing the ball, but we didn't do a good job of taking care of the ball. But in the second half we picked it up, had fewer turnovers, broke the game open and won by 23. So the second half speaks for itself."

    On his nerves for the evening...
    "I think I was nervous. It was the last home game and you want to go out with a bang. We started out kind of sluggish, I started out kind of sluggish, and I was like, 'I hope this don't keep up the whole night'. And then finally Johnny [Shurna] got a steal and threw it to me and I got a dunk, and that kind of opened me up a little bit, so that kind of helped me."

    On the season so far...
    "I would sum it up, as it's been okay so far. We've felt as a team that we've lost some games that we definitely shouldn't have lost. Games that we lost ourselves, it wasn't so much as us just getting beat. I think that we are trying to get it that we can't just go into opposing team's places and just win games. We have to play for 40 minutes. And we have to bring that energy that we play with at home on the road with us, and hopefully we can do that at Indiana on Saturday."

    Freshman guard Alex Marcotullio

    On his play tonight in comparison to the last two months...
    "You know, I've just been waiting my turn. Fortunately I hit some shots tonight, and hopefully it just kind of continues throughout the rest of the season. I haven't gotten the looks that I got tonight throughout the conference season, so I guess it'll help. So credit Big Ten defenses, but I got the looks tonight and I fortunately knocked them down."

    On his confidence level...
    "I think that I am pretty confident. I've been confident throughout the Big Ten season. So I just have to make shots when I get them. If I get the minutes that I get earlier in the year, coach is counting on me to make shots and that's what I've got to do."