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    March 2, 2006

    Recap |  Box Score

    Northwestern Men's Basketball
    Ohio State vs. Northwestern
    Postgame quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody
    Opening Statement...
    "We wanted to play in the 50's. We thought we would have a chance to win if we did that; we were able to. We wanted to rebound with them and not get killed on the boards; we did that decently. It comes down to the last minute of play. We step out of bounds and it is their ball. They miss a shot and Dials gets the rebound. We deflect the inbounds pass and I thought we were going to get that ball but they came up with it. I did not think they really had much going when they drove in there. Our defense just let them go. They made the big plays. We played well enough to win but we did not."

    On his decision to not call a timeout after Lewis's layup gave Ohio State the lead...
    "Normally I call a timeout in that situation. I am taking responsibility for that. I saw a transition and Sterling (Williams) going, and that is his strength. It looked like he was going to be able to get to the hole but it just did not happen. I should have called a timeout."

    On the last play of the game...
    "I wanted him (Evan Seacat) to set a fake screen for Vedran (Vukusic) and have Vedran cut across. If it would have been inbounds Vedran was open because (Terence) Dials was guarding him. It was a timing play like in football. I hoped to get it to Vedran and give him a second and a half to shoot."

    On playing against the top team in the Big Ten...
    "I do not remember many close games that we have lost here. They made the plays that had to be made and this is why they are at the top of the league."

    Ohio State Coach Thad Matta
    Opening Statement:
    "Well, obviously a great win for our program. We knew coming in it was going to be a hard fought battle and it was one of the toughest games I've ever been involved in. I thought both teams played extremely hard, but it was a game of really crazy plays. Fortunately for us we got the last crack at it there with Ron (Lewis) getting past the defense and getting the lay-up, but ... tremendous game. I'm proud of our guys for sticking with it. I felt we were a little bit nervous or scared starting out there. We battled through it and we came out on top."



    On the strategy coming out of the last timeout:
    "Yeah, we were going to try to quick hit it and Jamar (Butler) didn't have the angle to make the pass and we got a little helter-skelter there to say the least. I really thought about calling timeout as we were chasing the ball all around ... we got it in Ron's hands and he made a tremendous drive. I told him he better make the shot because Terence was wide open down along the baseline."

    About being co-Big Ten Champs:
    "I think that our guys have a pretty good feel that there's still another game to play. I think that they understand that obviously we're elated to be co-champions of the number one conference in college basketball but once again we've put ourselves in a big position to have the opportunity to win outright on our home court on senior day. But once again we've got another Big Ten game."

    On getting to the foul line:
    "I know this. In the first half we were shooting it so quickly they couldn't have fouled us. If they were trying they couldn't have gotten a foul on us. I think that they space you out so far that no one can cut on it. It's more the positioning as opposed to the driving and the opportunities for a foul. They don't post the ball as much as most teams with big guys where it gets a little bit congested down there. They've got tremendous spacing the whole time so that it really doesn't lend itself into fouling that much."