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    Indiana vs. Northwestern - Postgame Quotes



    Feb. 28, 2007

    Recap |  Box Score

    Indiana Head Coach Kelvin Sampson

    Opening Statement
    "First of all I'd like to congratulate Bill and his team. You knew that on senior night with a kid like [Tim] Doyle and how hard their kids play...they just scrap. They just played their hearts out. Before I came over here this afternoon I actually watched Northwestern and Ohio State's tape. I think Northwestern led by nine in the first half and they also led in the second half. That's an unorthodox way to play. It's the only game all year that you play against a team that plays this way offensively and defensively. I think the key to playing against them offensively is you have to have good guard play. On defense you have to have defensive discipline. Obviously the star for us tonight was [Roderick] Wilmont. I thought we did two things really good. Our offensive rebounding was outstanding and that was a big part of the game plan. And then the other one was we knew we were going to have to make threes. If you look at all the games Northwestern has lost at home, somebody from the other team has kind of gone off from the three-point line. I think [David] Teague made six threes in the last game. Rod [Wilmont] makes nine tonight. I had one kid make nine in a game. Hollis Price at Iowa State one year. Rod's shooting was a big part of our offense but I thought Rod's courage was a big part of why we got this win today.

    On guard play
    "Well we have two things. It was a great win first of all but we have an opportunity to go get our tenth league win on Saturday and win twenty games in the regular season. Even though Earl Calloway was kind of a non-factor I was glad he got out there tonight. He probably played a little bit better for Northwestern than he did for Indiana tonight but we need his presence. We don't have a lot of creating guards. A.J. [Ratliff] is kind of a one dribble guy, Rod [Wilmont] is maybe a one and a half dribble guy. When I say that I mean getting to the rim. Their dribbles usually set up a jump shot. Armon Bassett's really the only guard we have that can go create a shot for someone else, so it's important to get Earl [Calloway] back. We missed him. Armon had to play 36 minutes. He's playing more minutes then he has at any point this season but anytime you lose your senior point guard the last month of the season it hurts your team. I think getting Earl back tonight regardless of how he plays tonight, I just think it'll help him in practice, I think it'll help our team this weekend against Penn State and then next week at the Big Ten Tournament. It just helps us to get him back out there. He'll get better as we go.



    On Big Ten competition
    "When you have the number one and number two ranked teams in the country you realize that the teams behind them...we're pretty good. All of the team in that pack are all pretty good. None of them are great. It would be unfair to compare the rest of us to Ohio State and Wisconsin. I don't think many teams in the country can compare with those guys. Maybe only a select few. I've been in this thing so many years and competed in this tournament so many times. It's supposed to be the best 64 teams. You can't tell me that we don't have six teams in our league that are among the best 64 teams in the country this year."