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    Feb. 24, 2007

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    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement...
    "I thought that Purdue controlled the game today. They came out and the first half was the way they wanted to play and not at the tempo that we wanted to play. They played us hard, which we knew that they would do. It seemed like we were not exactly settling, but it seemed like if we got a shot early, we shot quickly and it maybe wasn't the best shot we could have gotten. They played us hard and we had seven turnovers in the first half, which is too many for us. It seems like this entire year, whoever the best perimeter player on the opposing team is, he seems to have a pretty good day against us. Our zone can help negate big guys, but we haven't really been able to stop some of these perimeter guys. It seems like they all have big games against us and today it was David Teague. He had a really good first half and when we tried to go out on him, he managed to dribble into the seam and make a couple of tough 12-footers. I just didn't think we were moving as well in our zone as we do some days.

    "It was nice to come back a little bit. Some comebacks are fake. You just make some three's at the end of the clock when you're coming back and it doesn't really matter. But today I thought, certainly with the help of their missed foul shots, that it was a real effort, which is a good sign. They shot the ball well from outside and we weren't able to handle that. And that same old bugaboo of rebounding; the last few games, we've been able to rebound pretty decently against a couple of pretty good teams, Illinois and Iowa, and today, we didn't have a chance. I think they missed 27 shots and got 14 of them back. I didn't get a rebound out of one of my centers. We got eight team rebounds and that just means they knocked the ball out of bounds on the baseline and we got it, so that's very discouraging. It's tough to get a win on the road and I thought they played the kind of game they wanted to play, which hasn't happened at home for us. Even though we've lost some games against good teams at home, we've usually controlled it and today we didn't."

    On freshman Kevin Coble and senior Tim Doyle...
    "That's pretty much the entire year. Those two guys, you can count on to score. And usually Kevin rebounds pretty decently. And Tim, I've said this before, but he maximizes his athletic ability. He's still a pretty good athlete. He doesn't jump, but everything else, he sees, he understands and he plays to win. He's the best passer on our team by far and he's the best dribbler on our team by far. He deserves a lot of credit because he does the best he can."

    Purdue Head Coach Matt Painter

    On rebounding advantage ...
    "Well, I thought with them zoning and the way they spread you on offense you have to get a contribution from your guards when it comes to rebounding. That's what we talked about a lot. You're going to be out on the perimeter so much and they do so many different things in comparison to everybody else. They spread you out, then you have to chase the ball more and get it off of the rim. I thought our guys did a good job of chasing the basketball. I would have thought that 20 would have been a little extreme and you would take that, in any game you would take that. I think they did a good job of keeping their focus and just chasing the basketball after long possessions."

    On bench production...
    "That's important for us to get contributions from a scoring standpoint from our bench. Chris Lutz did a good job of finding his spots and making shots and (Tarrance) Crump did a good job of using his dribble and knowing where people were out there and just kind of relieving some of the duties from Keaton Grant and (Chris) Kramer and just giving a different look with his quickness."

    On Northwestern's defense ...
    "They do a good job of playing the passing lanes or pressuring you depending on who you are. You can get a feel for what they're going to do by watching film but they'll back up off certain guys and they'll pressure certain guys and they'll mix it up. So you have to have a pulse on what's going on out there and it took us a little bit of time to figure that out, especially a couple of individuals. But they figured it out and did a better job of just passing and catching."

    On offensive performance ...
    "Obviously we made some shots and that helped. We got some opportunities when Crump pushed the ball and we were able to get some easy baskets and some easy looks. I thought that was important for us to try to steal some points, whether that was on the glass or in transition. But there's no way I thought we would be able to score 75 points in Evanston. We're a solid offensive team but I didn't feel we'd be able to do that. David Teague set the tone in the first half with that performance and some other guys stepped up and played very well in the second half."