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    Postgame Quotes vs. Wisconsin



    Feb. 20, 2013

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    Wisconsin vs. Northwestern
    Welsh-Ryan Arena
    Feb. 13, 2013
    Postgame Quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement
    "It didn't seem that much different than the other night against Illinois, we got off to a slow start. The first six or seven minutes, it was 7-0, maybe 9-0, then it got to 17-11 and it just took off like against Illinois. We're having a hard time putting the ball in the basket, and our rebounding has been anemic. I'm not sure of the answer, maybe if we can go with a bigger team, put Niko [Cerina] in there. A big team doesn't necessarily get rebounds but maybe we can keep them off. Mike Turner started, he played half the game and maybe got one rebound. I'm not sure the answer, but you have to make shots. We didn't turn the ball over, we tried to keep them off the three point line, which we did a pretty nice job in the first half, but they dominated the inside on us, posted up different guys at different times and were very productive. We're off tomorrow, and then we've just got to figure out not so much about Purdue or other teams, but we got to think about how we're going to improve ourselves offensively."

    On if there's a sense frustration from the players...
    "I hope so, I hope they're a little frustrated. It's not necessarily a bad thing. I would just say guys are mad, and I'm glad for that."

    On the team's play since the Ohio State game...
    "If we didn't play well against Ohio State, and then Illinois, and then this...but we played decently against Ohio State. So we think, what was it, was that the aberration, that one game? It just seems to me that losing just one guy - [Jared] Swopshire - shouldn't have as much effect on us, but it seems like it has, you can see that in the rebounding."

    On going forward...
    "I'm not really thinking about the Big Ten tournament, I'm just seeing from practice what we can improve upon. I'm showing the young guys film, breaking it down individually and see if they can get better, like this is what you have to do in this situation. Mike [Turner}, this is where you had a chance to get the rebound. Kale [Abrahamson], why are you coming around here and bobbling the ball? He's not getting good looks, he seems kind of hyper right now, which may not be uncommon, but just trying to improve them all so as a team we can progress."

    Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

    On slowing down Northwestern's offense...
    "Of course, we understand that they have some guys missing but when you prepare you prepare for a system. They do such a good job of teaching them what they do, we just had to defensively try to keep to our rules like not getting beat backdoor...I thought we kept making them work for good looks and when you play Northwestern that's what you have to do to have a chance [of winning]. "

    On the effect of a big lead early and the keys to the win against Northwestern ...
    "Getting off to a good start I don't think really breaks a team like Northwestern's spirit because they're going to run their stuff and still look for good shots... Offensive glass definitely played in our favor and getting those second and third opportunities. They're always welcome."

    On what he said to the team during halftime with a 28-12 lead...
    "You say the same thing as if it were a four-point game because notice how they [Northwestern] came out and got seven points in a hurry. Northwestern is an explosive team and, obviously, when they're at full strength, very much so. You don't beat the teams that they've knocked off without being able to offensively get people on their heels."