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    Feb. 21, 2007

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    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement
    "It's good to win. I thought we played pretty well offensively in the first half, for about the first 12 or 13 minutes. We were getting the ball inside, which we were trying to do. We were getting the ball to Doyle and a few other guys like Sterling Williams and Jeff Ryan. In the last seven minutes, we didn't score a basket in the first half. It coincided with Kevin Coble getting his second foul and they started doubling down on Doyle in the post because he sort of had free reign there in the beginning. We were getting some outside shots, we had some pretty wide open shots at the top for Vince Scott and a few others that didn't go down. In the second half, they had some shots. They passed the ball very well against Arizona. I was very impressed with what they did. Their guys found the right guy all the time. They knew what they were trying to accomplish and it seemed they had some tough luck around the basket. And then when it got close, I think Coble hit some shots, a post-up move and a three at the top. We got a little breathing room and we were able to make our foul shots down the stretch."

    On Northwestern's nonconference record and recent conference play...
    "I wish it was the best conference record in history, but we'll take what we can. I think we've actually been playing pretty well. We did at Iowa and at Illinois. I wasn't that disappointed in our play. I thought our defense was good. Our offense hasn't really clicked so I tried to shuffle the lineup and go back with Craig Moore and Sterling Williams in the lineup today. It seemed to help a little bit, which was good. Getting any win makes you feel good and if it's a streak or a record, then I'm glad about that."

    On four players scoring in double digits...
    "Coble, Doyle, Ryan and Jason Okrzesik. It was nice. Doyle got us going there in the beginning and then Coble, when it got close. The other guys were pretty consistent and Okrzesik made all his foul shots. That's really key."

    On Tim Doyle's play in the low post and leadership...
    "That's what he should do. He's a fifth year guy. He just said 'nobody's going to stop me down here'. He was even saying that in the timeout: 'I can get the ball down there in the low post and do something'. You need that. We sorely missed it this year so that was a good sign."

    On the play of freshman Kevin Coble..
    "When it got close, he knocked down shots and wasn't afraid to take them. He wasn't afraid to take them when we had the lead and he shot a little quickly. He'll have to learn something there."