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    Northwestern vs. Minnesota Post Game Quotes



    Feb. 18, 2012

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    Northwestern vs. Minnesota
    Feb. 18, 2012
    Welsh-Ryan Arena
    Postgame Quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement...
    "People ask me if this is a must-win for us leading up to the game the last couple of days and I didn't really think so, but it was close to a must-win. We got it, and that's an important thing. John [Shurna] said the important thing was that we got a win, and that's the kind of kid he is. I just thought it was a really nice team effort tonight. There is a lot of pressure on a guy to break that scoring record. Billy McKinney was a tremendous player here and a really good guy in this program who has accomplished a lot and is a humble guy; John's not unlike that. He's a quiet, humble kind of guy. He cares about his teammates, and I'm just really happy for him. Today, he waited his time. He didn't score in the beginning a little bit, so he was sort of carrying a load there. Then he came on. I just thought a really nice team effort on our part."

    On being able to use his bench...
    "JerShon [Cobb] is back and he isn't exactly up to speed, but he gives you another guy out there who's long, helps defensively. He had a few shots that were all right there; he didn't pull a string on them or anything. Al [Marcotullio] is always in foul trouble, so don't start him and then see how JerShon's doing wind-wise, because he's only been practicing about five days. He gave us a nice lift there. I thought Davide [Curletti] was good out there tonight also.

    On when he first realized Shurna's potential as a scorer...
    "I think as a freshman he only averaged less than eight points, 7.5 points or something like that. I look back on it and I only played him about half the game, so I may have made a mistake there. He could always shoot the ball. I think what he's improved upon, and he didn't shoot that much in high school, but he had a beautiful shot, and sometimes big guys are stuck inside, but I think he has really improved as a dribbler and a passer. That dribbling helps him get to the basket a little bit. That makes him a real scorer."

    On if he said anything to Shurna on the floor...
    "No, I think I just gave him a high five. There's a lot of people talking to him, but we have a pretty good relationship, so he knows how I feel, but I'll see him sometime."

    Senior forward John Shurna

    On breaking the school's career record...
    "Obviously it's an honor but I think it was more important that we won on our home court today against a good Minnesota team. I wasn't really focused on trying to score points; I think everyone was playing well. Dave [Sobolewski] was hitting shots; Drew [Crawford] was hitting shots. We got key contributions from everyone."

    On the record breaking shot...
    "I was at the top of the key and open so I just took the shot. I was just trying to help the team out, help the team win."

    On the energy of the crowd...
    "I think the crowd was great tonight. They brought a lot of energy when we were going on defense and we were able to push the ball up in transition. It was a good all around game and a fun atmosphere. It was good to get the record at home. I think that made it more special just because we've had such great support all four years that I've been here."

    On hearing from Billy McKinney...
    "He actually called me this morning. I got to talk to Mr. McKinney for a little bit; it was really nice of him to call. I really appreciated the phone call. He told me to just go out there and have fun. It wasn't too long of a conversation, he was just really nice to me and told me to go out there and win. It was a good surprise. He didn't have to do that and I think it shows what kind of person he is to go out of his way to call me."

    Minnesota Head Coach Tubby Smith

    Opening statement...
    "I thought Northwestern just outplayed us, made shots, I want to commend them on the good job they did. We had a tough time attacking the 1-3-1. It was because of their defense that gave us all kinds of problems."

    On playing late in the season and pressure of making the NCAA Tournament...
    "I hope they felt pressure, that's what the games about. Great players want more pressure. Good players want that challenge...they seek it, they embrace it. We didn't share the ball well at all, we didn't embrace it."

    On John Shurna...
    "Shurna's a good player. Like I said before, good players will find a way. If you have one miscue or make a mistake defensively, he'll burn you."