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    Northwestern vs Ohio State -- Postgame Quotes



    Feb. 13, 2008

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    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement . . .
    "There is sort of a pattern that we've been seeing here for a little bit. You play with them for a while. If we are going to play with [Ohio State], we have to hit some shots. In the second half, we thought that the weakness in their defense was that they were pushing out, their guards were in the foul line area, and we got Sterling [Williams] in there maybe two or three times, and Jeff Ryan, and we just missed every shot, pretty uncontested shots. [Kosta Koufos] wasn't even coming out there to guard them, and if you don't make those shots, they won't guard you, and then that doesn't open up the baseline. We knew that we were going to have problems with their height and athleticism. If you are going to beat that team, you have to make more shots. We turned it over a lot, they turned it over a lot, and they are going to beat you on the backboards. You know that and you're going to give up some there, so you have to play hard. Ball control has to be better, and it was not. When you get open looks, you have to make them. I'm not saying that all of the shots were open, but there were enough there to keep you in the game, and it changes the complexion of the game, and they had something to do with that, missing shots. We got enough good shots in there in the second half that we had to knock down."

    On the defense of Ohio State . . .
    "They have a good press. They played Indiana the other day, and they weren't scoring, so they couldn't press, and that was really hurting them. They get a lot of [points] off their defense. They've got some long, quick guys. [Evan] Turner and [David] Lighty and [Othello] Hunter, those guys can move and cover a lot of ground. They continue their traps, which we knew they would, and we didn't handle them. We worked against it pretty hard, but they are a little quicker, a little faster, a little bigger. They were responsible. I thought they did a good job with it."

    On the defensive play by Northwestern . . .
    "It seems like we've been doing that away, Indiana away, Wisconsin away. The only team that really hurt us away badly was Illinois, when they stuck it to us pretty good. We've been deflecting a lot of balls, but tonight we came up with them. It seemed like we were getting some of those ones that were rolling around. They took Kevin [Coble] out of the game; they really marked him and that was tough. Somebody has to step up, and you're are not getting a lot out of that front court, with Jeff [Ryan] and Nikola [Baran], and Sterling [Williams], and there is just not enough scoring out there. We have to produce more, so that there is not so much pressure on [Craig] Moore and [Kevin] Coble and Mike [Thompson]."

    Ohio State Head Coach Thad Matta

    Opening Statement
    "I thought we did a much better job in the second half of challenging shots. Probably the biggest difference there at the beginning, offensively, is we had too many turnovers and Northwestern was converting on them. But give our guys credit; they stuck with what we were trying to do and some guys made some big plays, big shots down the stretch. Probably the difference in the game was we made some shots."

    On the offense of Ohio State...
    "I thought our big guys did a good job of finishing around the basket. Jamar [Butler] and Evan [Turner], who were primarily up top, combined for 13 assists. Our big guys did a good job. I thought Othello [Hunter] finished strong. [Kosta] Kofous played big and what it did was open our outside game for us."

    On the play of Michael Thompson...
    "We're keying where he was, the improvement he's made from game one to game two when we played him. I think that was the second time he's played us. Just watching him, the different ways he was scoring, we just told our guys you have to have great awareness of where he is and try to challenge as many shots as we could."

    On the play of Jeremy Nash...
    "I think that's a pretty good addition for them. He seems like he anticipates well. He's got good hands. He was up with energy and did a nice job for them."

    On the defense of Northwestern...
    "You know honestly, it's been an option every time we've played them, even back with Terence [Dials] and those guys. I don't want to say it's exactly what we wanted to do. We had better ball movement. Where they got us, they played the passing lanes. It was the simple passes that they seemed to get us for steals there. Those guys had a little bit of a size advantage down there. I thought all of our big guys did a pretty good job of holding their position."