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    Feb. 10, 2007

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    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement . . .
    "It's good to get a win at home. We haven't won in a while and we certainly almost let this one go, but things worked out. There was a little luck involved, with Craig (Moore) making that shot and (Geary) Claxton missing his shot, which is a better shot. Right now, we're just very happy. I thought we started out very well, because we've struggled against that zone. I thought we got some easy baskets early on and then our defense. I thought in the first half, got us some easy layups. We got out, we got in transition, so we didn't have to go against (the defense) as much. Vince (Scott) got a steal and we got some easy baskets. In the second half, I think you see how important (Tim) Doyle is to us, because we were doing pretty well and then when he went down there is all that hesitancy out there. He makes the other guys feel like they belong and when things get tough, you can give him the ball and something's going to happen. A lot of times out there tonight in the second half it didn't feel like anything was going on. It was all circular stuff. We got some steals early, got a lead, but (Penn State) just kept coming back. They were trying a lot of different things and they never stopped battling. They deserve a lot of credit and at the end we were fortunate, but I'll take that."

    On the play of freshman Kevin Coble . . .
    "He played well. I just like the guy getting some rebounds, because this team beats us off the boards pretty badly and he was in there getting some rebounds. (Penn State) still got too many offensive rebounds, but it seemed like their guys inside didn't have their way with us. Offensively, he can make a shot. He makes in between shots, which not that many people do anymore. He makes those 12-14 footers and I was happy with the way he played."

    On thoughts of the recent Northwestern skid . . .
    "Kevin (Coble) had a good game today and the last two possessions Kevin almost stole the ball, and then Jeff (Ryan) stole the ball the last possession today and we got the foul shot. We have young guys and I think they are going to get better. I had to play Kevin too much. I wanted to take him out more tonight, but he was scoring and we dearly needed someone to put the ball in the basket. So I think that he got tired in that second half, but I just thought I should keep him out there."

    Penn State Head Coach Ed DeChellis

    On the decision-making at the end of the game . . .
    "We were in a late game situation, depending on if (Jeff Ryan) made or missed the free throw. That's why we called a timeout to make sure we had what we were looking for. He missed the free throw and we had a pretty good shot at the basket at the end of the game, Geary Claxton especially at the end. We only needed a two and we were just trying to score at that point in time."

    On Northwestern's fast break points and Penn State's energy . . .
    "All their points off fast breaks were turnovers or bad shots. That was the first half. In the second half, they didn't get many of those. We just didn't play with any energy in the first half. The game was lost in the first half. We just didn't play with any energy or emotion. I don't have any reason for that. We just didn't."

    On Penn State's defense . . .
    "We started to defend better in the second half. We changed defenses a little bit, but I think we played with a little energy and emotion, covered better, challenged shooters a bit better and didn't give them as many wide-open shots. We tried to defend and we didn't do that the first half, so that was a little better. In the last 15 minutes of the game, we defended. I'm not sure we did a great job the first four minutes out of the locker room either."

    On Craig Moore's three-pointer in the second half . . .
    "That's the way the season's going. (Craig Moore) throws it over his head from 30 feet and it goes in. That's the way it's been. It's a one-point game and it goes to four. Then we come down and Mike Walker hits one, but then we're still down one. One second on the shot clock and it goes in. Sometimes that's the difference between winning and losing."