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    Northwestern 84, Nebraska 74- Quotes



    Feb. 2, 2012

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    Northwestern vs. Nebraska
    Feb. 2, 2012
    Welsh-Ryan Arena
    Postgame Quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement...
    "Well it's good to get a win. So little separates wins from losses the last few weeks for us and across the rest of the conference. It's just incredible. So it's really nice to get the win. I thought we played well. Start of the second half, somebody just told me, they made 10 of their first 11 shots. But then the guys came through I thought in a nice way. Drew hit a nice shot out of the corner on a pass from John [Shurna]. John had a really nice tip-in for three. And then Reggie [Hearn] hit a three. So it went to one and then quickly went back to 10 in maybe a minute or so, seemed like a minute anyway. We didn't turn it over. So you get a nice lead at halftime, and we had two turnovers. At the end of the game, we turned it over a little bit. Sobo [Dave Sobolewski] threw a couple away. For the most part, I thought we controlled the game. We knew they were coming back because they do that. They're well-coached and they execute and I think we might have stayed in that 1-3-1 a little too long. We should've come out of it a little sooner. I thought we went man and stopped them three or four times in a row after their first make and sort of got us back on track. I'm just happy to get a win and now we have to move on. As we've said all year, you win, you move on. You lose, you move on."

    On John Shurna's strength...
    "There's an aggressiveness there that I liked. I just saw that hand go up and tip. A lot of times you tip those things and you don't get them, but that tip - I mean it was a big play - it was the second three-point possession we had right in a row when they cut it to one. So, that was really nice to see. And we made our foul shots. We were shooting so well the first 10 games, 12 games, and then we've struggled a little bit, so it was good to see us make our fouls tonight."

    On playing Nebraska for the first time...
    "I've watched Doc's teams, and I know that they're really well-coached, they execute, and we're just all happy that they're in the Big Ten now. The tradition of athletic success is fantastic across sports. We're just pleased they're here and glad we're not going back there this year. "

    Nebraska Head Coach Doc Sadler

    Opening Statement...
    "Give Northwestern credit, they did a nice job offensively making shots. And as I told our team after the game, you're not going on the road and giving up 84 points and beating anybody. We did a nice job cutting it back to one, but we continued to make mental mistakes. You go into the ballgame wanting to guard the handoffs in a particular way, and you don't do it. You give up 14 threes, and that's what we did. Give them credit for making shots, and again, what'd they make, 24 free throws? That tells you that we're fouling too much, so on defense we weren't doing the things that we needed to do."

    On facing the 1-3-1 defense of Northwestern...
    "We scored 74 points, so I thought we did ok. Again, I don't think it was our offense. You're not going to go on the road, give up 84 points, and beat anybody. Everybody talks about their offense, and I'll talk about attacking the 1-3-1, I thought we did a good job. We shot over 50 percent, but we didn't do anything defensively, and you've got to give them credit for that. They did a much better job attacking our man-to-man than we did attacking their zone and man, I guess...If that makes sense. I mean, we didn't defend anybody."

    On defending Northwestern's Princeton offense...
    "It isn't early in the season. There's a handoff and a ball-screen, bottom line. We were going to chase it, but we went underneath, and they stopped and shot it. They made 10 threes in the first half, and it is what it is. They're averaging seven threes a game, and we gave them 14. On top of that, they were 50 percent almost. I don't think they got a backdoor layup in there, did they? I thought we did a great job coming in from the backside and taking away the lane. But we did not guard the ball screens correctly, and give them credit, they definitely attacked it correctly."