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    Postgame Quotes vs. Minnesota



    Jan. 24, 2013

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    Northwestern vs. Minnesota
    Welsh-Ryan Arena
    Jan. 23, 2013
    Postgame quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement...
    "It wasn't unlike our first game [at Minneapolis], that we were down three at half and they were killing us on the backboards. We just talked about it at halftime so that's what we wanted to do- we wanted to make sure that we didn't get beat off the backboards. In the second half I know it was a lot better, it didn't seem like they were punishing us on the backboards. Swop [Jared Swopshire] got us off to a great start I thought. Reggie was sort of invisible in the first half and didn't get many shots and was just going through stuff, but then he came up in the second half. Our zone helped a lot, forcing turnovers and I think it made Minnesota a little flatfooted. They turned it over ten times in the second half. Dave [Sobolewski] made some very nice passes on the break to Al [Alex Marcotullio], so he's got to get a lot of credit for the top of that zone. Swopshire and [Reggie] Hearn in the wing, I think they played a lot better than they ever have, and we've been stressing that with the staff and I think they did a very nice job."

    On opening up the inside and getting better shots...
    "A lot of it was that we got some easy hoops but they were still blocking it in the second half. We have some hardheads on this team like Hearn, who keep driving it in and they keep whacking it. We tell them to pull up once in a while, because that's what we have to do. We should have learned that from the other night and we didn't. That team always blocks a lot of shots."

    On playing the zone defense...
    "I called Reggie [Hearn] a hardhead but I just think that zone made the difference. We got out and we just felt confident that we could stop them and that helps every time."

    On Jared Swopshire's improvement...
    "At Louisville he was a role player and a good one. From day one we've been telling him to be aggressive and that he has to do more here. He can dribble, he can pass, he can shoot- but he can't just be one of the guys. He has to be a little more than that and I think he is recognizing that. Instead of driving in here, try to finish it yourself. I think that helps a lot. Some of those rebounds were way up there too, those are rebounds we haven't seen in the past that often so I just think he is playing better and better just because he's recognizing what's expected of him here."

    Minnesota Head Coach Tubby Smith

    Opening Statement...
    "I have to really compliment Northwestern. I am very impressed with their gutsy effort, their toughness, something that I thought we really didn't show tonight. We didn't seem to have the focus that we should have had. Obviously, playing on the road against a team that's really playing with some limited people hurt, we had a full compliment of players, so we had no excuses. We found a way to lose, but a lot of it had to do with Northwestern. They did a good job in their 1-3-1. I'm just disappointed we didn't do better. We didn't play very smart. One of the leading scorers in the league, Austin Hollins, fouls out, which is just uncharacteristic. I put him back in with three fouls, and that's probably poor judgment on my part, but I thought he was a little headier than that. Trevor played a great game. He did a good job of really getting on the boards and leading us in scoring again. We have to get more production out of Rodney Williams. He has had a tough time of it lately. We have to figure some things out."

    On Austin Hollins' foul trouble...
    "Yeah, we had a guy at the table. I just don't know what he was doing. He knew he had four fouls. I don't know why he would even go near the guy, which was interesting. In the heat of the moment, I guess, guys make those decisions."

    On being prepared from practice...
    "Well I thought the effort was okay. Early in the game, we shoot 29 percent. We had a lot of good looks. That starts to become a mental thing. We came back and didn't shoot much better. We shot worse from the three-point line, shot worse from the free-throw line in the second half. You go in and tell guys that we're going to shoot better in the second half, that they're going to fall and sure enough, they really didn't. 7-17 from the free-throw line and 5-19 from three means it's going to be a long night for you."

    On Northwestern's 1-3-1 defense...
    "I think we're playing from sideline to sideline instead of attacking the basket. They did a good job. They're pretty long up there. With Reggie at the point, other people at the point, they do a good job of making us pass it, and they're very aggressive on the ball. That's what makes it so effective. They really get in those passing lanes. If you're not patient or you throw up quick shots, which we did, or turn it over, which we did, it's going to lead to easy baskets. It's real demoralizing when you turn the ball over like that. I think their length and their ability to know where to go in their 1-3-1, they know how to play it."

    On preparing for the 1-3-1...
    "It's tough to simulate because you only play it when you're facing them. We obviously did a poor job of practicing and preparing for it. They had nine steals against us. A lot of them were steals, but we also turned it over in transition a couple times, which has been a real problem. We're just unable to hang onto the ball."

    On Northwestern's scrappiness...
    "They always are (one of the scrappiest teams). They always play hard. They're going to go after you. They scratch and claw and be physical, and if you're not careful it can get you out of your game. You start complaining and that doesn't help anything."