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    Jan. 24, 2007

    Recap |  Box Score

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement
    "A week ago, we were embarrassed down there in Columbus. We didn't have too many answers for their 2-3 zone. We were working on it but that doesn't always mean anything. We started the game making some shots and forced them out of the zone. I prefer teams to play us man-to-man so I thought that was a real good sign. But then we missed some easy things as soon as they went man-to-man. I think we missed three layups out of four possessions and executed the way we wanted to, but just didn't finish them off. (We had a nine point lead), and granted it was early, but against a team like that if you have a chance to get up by 13. You know they're going to make a run so you just need as big a cushion as you can get. Then in the second half it seemed to me they were just getting every offensive rebound, and put-back. When they missed it just seemed like they got the ball ... Greg Oden and Ivan Harris in there had a big put-backs. I still thought we got pretty good shots but we weren't knocking them down as we did in the first half. I feel better than seven days ago, but we've played three Big Ten teams at home now: Wisconsin, Michigan and now Ohio State, some pretty god teams. It seems like every game's been the same. It gets to the last two or three minutes and you're right there and you just can't seem to turn it. This had the same feel."

    On the play of Ohio State center Greg Oden...
    "He had a lot of rebounds throughout the game. It just seemed like he took over in there, getting rebound after rebound. And he was so deep. If he's getting a rebound where he's eight feet from the basket or seven feet, but he was under the basket. There's not much you can do about that. He hurt us more offensively than defensively this evening."

    On Northwestern's play in the Big Ten...
    "It just seems like that broken record, you know, these three games in the Big Ten. I think we can get better. We're 1-6 in conference and that isn't good but somehow I think these some of these guys have got a chance. We're just going to keep working at them and working at them and see if we can get better individually and as a team."



    On the play of Northwestern's Tim Doyle...
    "He's played a lot and that's what he's good at. He's not a 3-point shooter but he found a lot of guys. He had some turnovers, mostly at the end though. We were down by seven or eight and he's trying and may turn the ball over a little bit. He got the ball to Vince Scott a few times and he threw a beautiful corner-to-corner hook pass to Sterling Williams, which he knocked down for a three. He's played a lot. He's seen this stuff before."