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    Postgame Quotes



    Jan. 23, 2011

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    Northwestern vs. Wisconsin
    Welsh-Ryan Arena
    January 23, 2011
    Postgame Quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement...
    "You ask me if we saw it coming...Well, we had a really good practice yesterday, and we've been playing pretty decently. We were crisp yesterday; we were sharp. We came out and just never stopped them. They got the shots they wanted - no matter what defense we were playing - and they felt comfortable every time down the court. It seemed like they were in control, and we never really talked about our offense in timeouts. It was somewhere along the lines of 'we've got to stop them before we figure out the offense.' For the entire game they sort of did what they wanted, and then when they did miss, it seemed like in the first half they had six or seven offensive rebounds. It's rough; they played very well. They just did everything beautifully."

    On why Wisconsin was such a tough opponent...
    "They just have a lot of different guys that can score, and they are very good at the end of the clock. [Jordan] Taylor has been playing at a very high level, last game and then it continued tonight. He had some long jumpers there, and it was just a bad showing on our part. Obviously you have to give them credit because they are on the road and they get a win."

    On the defensive performance...
    "I just didn't think we put any pressure on them; I didn't think we upset them. I think they had one turnover in the first half. We didn't have many turnovers either, we just never gave them any pressure. We always talk about making them have their back to the basket, and we were never able to make them turn, they were just always facing the court and able to make the passes they wanted to make. We were really on defense on defense. We weren't the aggressor."

    On how to move on from this game ...
    "Try to figure it out between here and the locker room, because this is rough, especially at home. Like I said, it's just the competitiveness I didn't see. There were little sparks here and there, but for the most part it wasn't there."

    Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

    Opening Statement...
    "Northwestern is a very good team. For our guys to come in and execute like they did, our guys deserve a lot of credit. We know it's 40 minutes of basketball. I thought our guys did a good job including everyone on the offensive end and defensively, sticking to our roles. It certainly was something that I felt inside that our guys are capable of at times. It's just like basketball for anyone. How do you get to be consistent? How do you get to be making shots every night? I thought our guys took good shots, I thought we were patient enough and I thought, defensively, we worked pretty hard at trying to handle what they do, because we know what they can do. They've had nights shooting like this, too."

    On the play of Jordan Taylor...
    "First and foremost, he is a guy that sees what is in front of him whether he's on the court, in the classroom, at practice, in life. His parents have done an unbelievable job of helping him understand what it takes to be a young man and things to value, things to adhere to and I'm just trying not to mess that up with the stuff I give him. He takes the team and he runs it and I let him call it. You don't see me with my arm around him on the sidelines all the time because Jordan calls it. Jordan is one of those guys that handles it as well as any I've ever had."

    On the Josh Gasser's triple-double...
    "How are you going to ask me with a straight face that it's not a surprise that a freshman from Port Washington had a triple-double against a very good team in a very tough place to play? I can't keep a straight face. That was a tremendous accomplishment and as we said in the locker room it will have his name and then the University of Wisconsin next to it so it's great for the program. I'm sure his folks will take him out to dinner when he gets home the next time, people will pat him on the back, but in this game it's today. There's a lot more coming. We never get too high or too low. March on, try and pick up and see if we can do some more of those good things."